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SEO is not all it is made out to be and a few simple steps can make a huge
difference to where your site appears in the search engines

Headers, Tags, and Titles - Search engines evolve constantly but you can
give them a clue about what's on your website by doing a few things. The
first is to include your keywords in header tags. In addition, write a brief
description that explains the content of each page - including some keywords
from the page. This should be placed between the Head tags. Finally, you
should write a short but descriptive title for each page. Do not use the
same description for every page on your site

Keywords - Look at the copy on your website. Make sure that your keywords
are in the first paragraph? That is where the search engines expect to find
them so they should be there!! Do NOT go overboard with keywords.
SEO - The first two tips are basic SEO procedures, but there are some higher
level optimisation tactics that will help raise your site above the
maddening crowd. If you hyperlink your keywords, it will make them stand out
for both web visitors and search engines. In addition make the linked
keyword more prominent to the search engines by linking it to a page that
uses the keyword in its address. By way of example, if you hyperlink the
phrase "web design", the page to which it is linked should have "web design"
in its address to raise its profile. While you are in the process of linking
make these linked pages focused on information about specific keywords.
Furthermore if you really want to place your SEO program on steroids, you
can contact Spaceacre who will help your search engine optimisation process
and can assist with competitor reports and the optimisation of every page on
your website.

Submit - You will need to submit your site to both search engines and
directories or if you are looking for "instant" submission Spaceacre will
'guarantee' a Google listing within 72 hours (or you don't pay). Key search
engines for URL submission include: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Ask. Well
over 90% of all searches take place through these engines. So, don't bother
too much with all the small engines and don't be fooled into deals that
submit you to 100's or even 1000's of search engines - they more than likely
will only increase your chances of receiving unwanted spam. Completing the
free registration with most of the engines is not too difficult. Typically,
they will have a link that says something like "add your URL." You will also
want to submit your site to a number of directories like You might
also want to consider paying the $299 fee for inclusion into the Yahoo
directory. Keep an eye out fro directories specific to your industry.
Link - Develop a linking program where you ask for links from sites that
cover the same topics as you. This directs traffic from those sites to yours
and also tells the search engines that you must have something worthwhile on
your site if others are linking to you.

While doing all of the above is not too difficult - if you have lots of time
and patience that is, Spaceacre provides an excellent Search Engine
Optimisation service to assist with all these procedures.
Call Wayne at Spaceacre on 021 423 6882. Packages start from R975 (excl) per

Date Posted: 2007-04-05
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