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Okay so you found yourself a web designer and a web hosting company and now your web site is up and running but you are clearly not getting the traffic that you thought you would and you don’t know why. More importantly, you are not sure what to do next. Spaceacre provides solutions to this and other web marketing needs.  

In some ways, internet marketing is very different from traditional marketing in the real world, while in other ways it is much the same as any other type of marketing campaign. Spaceacre has experts available who are highly skilled in many facets of both online and offline web marketing.  

Perhaps  the most critical element of web site visibility is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This will improve the rankings of your website in the major search engines and give you a better chance of being found by potential clients. As  the vast majority of web traffic is generated through the search engines it is an critical part of your web marketing campaign that you are well placed in the engines fro some of your keywords. The web marketing experts who work with Spaceacre have proven experience in organic Search Engine Marketing for all of the major search engines.  

Another important element of web marketing and SEO is the establishment of  links to your website through a link building campaign. This is can be accomplished by linking your name to related articles or information on the web and by providing links to the site being promoted. Linking is a particularly relevant aspect of internet marketing and in some ways can prove to be more powerful than good copy or through page optimisation. As long as the links are relevant to the information on your web site, not only will it increase the amount of traffic coming to your site, but this new audience have already shown some interest in either your product, or service bt reading the article to which your site is linked. So link building can be a very efficient means of generating targeted traffic to your web site.  

Link building is also an integral part of your web site ranking on the SERP or search engine results pages. The quality of the links and the ranking of the sites they are on will give your site better rankings in the major search engines when they are looking to rank your site for particular keywords.  

If you are not sure how to establish a link building campaign as an integral part of your internet marketing the staff at Spaceacre can help with some ideas or we can tackle the task for you. With our experienced and skilled staff we can start an effective promotion campaign for your site almost immediately.  

Perhaps one of the most common aspects of web marketing is that of  Pay per Click or PPC campaigns. Quite simply, you purchase adverts that are selectively placed on qualified pages which already exist on the internet. You only pay however, when that particular ad is clicked on, thereby sending someone to your web page. PPC has the advantage of being measurable and will give you instant results whereas SEO will require a long term commitment and takes time to yield results.  

While these are only a select few of the many methods of effective web marketing, Spaceacre provides a full range of cost-effective and results-oriented services specifically designed to meet all of your internet marketing needs. 


Date Posted: 2007-03-10
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