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MANUFACTURING: Embracing A 'Green' Future


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BETAFENCE SA fully recognises the increasing demand globally for environmentally friendly, durable and aesthetic perimeter fencing products.

Betafence SA General Manager, Michael James, says there is a strong switch to green products and technologies which is driven by a need for less maintenance, less material, reliability, cost effectiveness and a strong need for products to blend in with their environment.

It implores on our researchers and engineers a need for continuous innovation and ongoing adaptation to new market forces. Demand for specific features in products differs from customer to customer.”

Key to Betafence SA’s ability to manufacture and supply of ‘green’ fences and PVC coated product-sizes not seen in South Africa before, is the company’s Italian-made imported coating machine that enables it to supply and export locally PVC-coated products, rather than relying on imported PVC-coated products to serve the local market.

This, says James, ensures that Betafence SA will remain in the forefront of the green technology revolution in the future.

PVC in particular, has many unique advantages over polyester that makes it the first choice in coating, says James.

The advantages lie mainly in the preparation of PVC prior to coating and the quality of the adhesion of the coating to the product. Polyester coating requires that a labour intensive preparation of the products is implemented prior to coating and as this is a chemical process, it is difficult to control. PVC coating on the other hand, is a physical process which requires very little preparation other than cleaning the product which makes it easier to control and ultimately more cost-effective.”

James says PVC falls in the fast growing, so-called Advanced Materials category.

Betafence has developed a superior PVC coating which is UV resistant and retains its gloss over long periods of time. Due to our higher coating thickness and its thermoplastic properties, PVC coated products are better suited to Africa’s aggressive environments. The thicker coating ensures diminished leaching of the steel through advanced corrosion resistance. This guarantees a longer product lifespan which results in a lower carbon footprint and environmental impact over time. The unique PVC composition also contains no lead, no cadium, no CR8 and no toxic plasticizers. Not only is it a clean material compared to the traditional chemical-based steel treatments, but the technology itself is a clean process in the way that heat is used to generate power,” he says.

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