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VENTURES: New Opportunities For Scrap Dealers


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WITH growing demand for metal, local scrap metal recyclers are finding it increasingly feasible to invest in downstream sorting systems, says IMS Engineering marketing and sales manager for mining and construction materials Deon Visser. IMS Engineering, in partnership with Steinert, offers recyclers processing solutions designed to unlock environmental, operational and financial value.

Cologne-based Steinert Elektromagnetbau specia-lises in separation technology, such as magnetic, eddy current, optical and X-ray sorting for the waste recycling, metal recycling and mining and minerals processing industries.

The company has been in metal recovery, separation and sorting since 1889 and has a track record in South Africa with sites that include Scaw Metals and the Reclamation Group.

The main components of Steinert’s system for the separation of shredded metal scrap are drum magnets, eddy current separators and induction, colour and X-ray sorting systems. The Steinert system is designed to yield high-quality ferrous and non-ferrous metal products while losing a minimal amount of metal units in the waste stream, says Visser.

In the primary recovery stage, coarser ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated using a magnetic drum or suspension magnets.

Steinert magnets are characterised by extremely powerful and deep magnetic fields, delivering excellent ferrous metal recovery and quality at high production rates,” he says.

Instead of manual sorting, recyclers then have the option of using an eddy current separator to separate the non-ferrous material into non-ferrous metals and a second stream comprising non-metals such as plastic and rubber as well as stainless steel and lost or misplaced non-ferrous metals. At this stage, material with a high electrical conductivity is separated from non-conductive material.

The recovery of non-ferrous metals is the economic basis of all metal recycling,” says Visser. “Due to the patented eccentric position of the magnetic rotor of the Steinert eddy current separator, it ensures a very high recovery rate of around 95% and a purified metal concentration, which cannot be achieved by hand sorting. The system can also go to a minimum grain size of below one millimetre.”

Steinert offers a range of non-ferrous metal separators, with working widths ranging from 400 to 2000 mm.

Following eddy current separation, the Steinert Induction Sorting System helps recover the stainless steels and other non-ferrous metals that were previously misplaced. “Induction sorting enables more than 90% recovery of non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel, aluminium and copper, which would otherwise be landfilled. It is estimated that automatic separation using ISS technology will more than double the recovery of valuable materials when compared to manual sorting.”

The system combines sophisticated metal detector technology and computer controlled air jets to quickly detect and eject metals. Detector widths of 12,5 and 25 mm are available for more accurate separation.

Sensors analyse the material over the whole width of the conveyor belt by means of electro-magnetic induction. As soon as metallic particles are detected, electronic signals are sent to the air jets, which then push the detected metals over the diverter gate.

Furthermore, non-ferrous metals recovered from the stainless steel separation stream and non-ferrous from the eddy current separator can be effectively separated into heavy-metals (bronze, copper, zinc) and light-metals (aluminium, magnesium) using Stei-nert’s X-ray sorting system.

Further separation of the heavy-metals stream is achieved by Steinert’s optical or colour sorting system.


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