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INFOTECH: SACD Slashes Telecoms Bill By 35%


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SACD Freight, the leading import and export management company, has shaved 35-40% on average off its telecommunications bill since switching all its voice and data services to Vox Orion -- while enjoying increased network speed and reliability.

We are saving R20,000 – R25,000 a month, which is huge to us - we’re effectively getting two of our five sites for free,” says SACD IT Executive Freddie Mayer. “And stability and network performance are much better. We run a completely centralised IT system, with all our remote sites linked to head office servers via a virtual private network. Our branches are getting much better performance on our main operational system since we switched over to Vox Orion, and it definitely makes for a much better customer experience.”

Mayer says SACD previously experienced frequent network outages. “We’d have to notify our supplier that we were down, then prove it was their fault before they’d fix it. They were always trying to pass the responsibility back to us.  Vox Orion is a lot more proactive: We’re hardly ever down, and when there are issues they take the initiative to contact us and sort it out.”

The Vox Orion service is based on MPLS technology, which Mayer says has offered SACD much better visibility of its network. “We can track packets end to end, which was never possible with our previous supplier. We’re graphing our network stats and turnaround times, and there’s a clear improvement.” SACD Freight is currently establishing a new Warehousing facility in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town and Vox Telecom will form a key role in implementing the communication requirements and securing a smooth transition between the 4 re-locating sites.

With SACD also using Vox Orion’s VOIP voice services, Mayer says the company is really seeing the benefits of having a single supplier for both data and voice. “They’re able to take a holistic view of our entire network environment,” he says. “They always have the bigger picture in mind, so whatever requirement we have is implemented in such a way that it reduces overall costs and improves overall performance. It’s the first time I’ve really seen people that committed to following processes and giving great service.”

The Vox group’s strong relationships with all the major networks are also an advantage, adds Mayer. “They have good relationships with their suppliers, so if we need things done at Telkom or Neotel, they know who to call. We recently had a problem at a new site getting network services in, and they were able to get it done with a couple of phone calls. It makes a big difference to work with someone who can actually make things happen.”

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