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VENTURES: Innovation With Thermal Insulation


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WHEN Capetonian Barbara Westcott returned from a trip to Europe in 2006 she had the idea of opening a business to sell superior quality thermally insulated shopping carrier bags.

It soon became clear that there was a far wider need for thermal products in many industries including logistics, (air, road and sea transport) retailing, agriculture, fruit, flowers, wine, meat, chicken, fish, dairy, pharmaceutical and the medical industries which all need to use these sophisticated products to ensure the maintenance of quality and the efficiency and security of the cold chain.

Within a short period of establishment Bamic Enterprises grew to one of the leaders in the new industry.

An example of Bamic’s innovation is a solution for maintaining asphalt temperatures, which was recently introduced to the local market. It is the thermally insulated asphalt duvet cover, manufactured in Denmark and distributed by Bamic Enterprises.

It is made from specially treated, patented poly foils sandwiching a layer of heat resistant Polywool which acts as a blanket, sealing in the temperatures at source effectively on journeys of many hours duration.

Tests have shown minimal temperature fluctuations. The duvets are made to measure to fit clients’ specifications and have durable industrial eyelets around the edges to allow for easy attachment to the truck sides and back. They are also used to protect stockpiles and hot asphalt in a paver whilst it is being laid.

An opportune time too for the product as hundred of thousands of tons of asphalt will be laid between now and the start of the World Cup 2010.

Asphalt can be a bit tricky to deal with as it must be kept at temperatures that allow for it to be laid effectively. Moving asphalt from the manufacturing and mixing plant to the work site is the key and getting it there whilst keeping it at an acceptable, workable temperature is vital.

Another interesting application is the use of this material in other areas of insulation. Refrigerated vehicles are generally highly efficient modes of transporting perishable items, but the breakdown in the cold chain usually occurs at the point of delivery and sometimes at the point of loading.

A range of highly effective portable insulation solutions now exists to take care of those weaknesses. Manufactured from very specialised and patented foils sandwiching a registered Polywool insulating layer these thermally insulated products take care of loading and delivery problems by maintaining the desired temperatures for long periods even in the hottest ambient temperatures.

These solutions also provide logistics specialists with the option to run multi temperature loads on a single refrigerated vehicle or smaller loads with the use of the simple to erect, lightweight, but durable thermal truck partition, which can be erected by a single person using a T-Bar support.

This device compart-mentalises the truck into different zones which means a single loaded vehicle can carry frozen, chilled and ambient goods all at once.

This has obvious advantages in terms of effective utilisation of transport as well as creating considerable cost savings.

In fact, tests by the Danish Technological Institute have shown that using these partitions can result in savings of up to 30% per vehicle on an annual basis.

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