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VENTURES: The 'Harry Potter Magic'


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For Wright-Seal & Plastics, based in Paarden Eiland, business is still very good.

The reason for this, says Guy Sampson, director of Wright-Seal & Plastics, is that they have been pro-active, foreseeing the problem and going out ahead of time to seek new products and opportunities. More than ever, in a recession that is the way to go, he says.

The company has been supplying seals, gaskets and related products to the marine and industrial market since 1987, and has well earned its reputation for reliability of service and the high standards of the products it supplies. It has worked closely over the years with two well-known companies in particular, Klinger (Pty) Ltd and AES Seal, and in 2006 Klinger (Pty) Ltd acquired their complete shareholding.

However, Sampson emphasises that they remain a single stand-alone company servicing the marine, oil, gas and petro-chemical industry – and have always believed in exploring new products and opportunities. Now that policy seems to be bearing fruit.

Recent enquiries for new products led to Sampson being contacted by David Spencer, owner of the UK-based Admartech, which has devised, tested and marketed overseas a product called the Merus ring, an apparently simple device which very effectively combats such problems as internal lime scaling and pipe corrosion, algae, bacteria and Legionella.

After detailed discussions with David Spencer, and a subsequent visit by Sampson to the Admartech operation in Southampton, Wright-Seal & Plastics has now acquired the SA agency for the Merus ring, and is actively marketing it to potential SA consumers.

In a dissolved form, says Sampson, lime scale and corrosion as well as other salts can be found in almost any water, and over time, if unchecked, can cause catastrophic breakdowns. And it is worth noting that for every 6mm of lime scale build-up, 40% more energy is used! That’s no small consideration. Rust or iron oxide, equally damaging, is found in steel or iron pipe work or systems with iron components, and leads to poor water quality, high maintenance costs and/or premature failure of equipment. Algae, as we know, is found in ponds and open systems such as cooling towers, which are also home to the dangerous Legionella, which is treated very seriously in hot countries such as Australia, and has been identified also in this country.

Merus has been working on this problem for more than 10 years, and has come up with the Merus ring, which Sampson says has qualities of ‘Harry Potter magic’. The product has been extensively tested in England and Europe and is now being used by water boards, water treatment plants, large industrial installations, hotels, schools and food processing plants, the QE2 and the Queen Mary ocean liners amongst others, and has been installed by Fitness First in its 197 health clubs throughout Britain, and including Europe a total of 550 clubs. Admartech is also currentlty in negotiation to fit Merus Rings to the entire sea water system of the vessels managed by the Bernard Schulte Ship Group.

Now Sampson and his team are actively marketing the Merus ring to potential users throughout South Africa, and they anticipate wide acceptance of this exceptional product.

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