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WAREHOUSING: Storage RSA's Document Solution


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STORAGE RSA introduced its new document storage service called re-FILE early in January this year. The company has been involved in the self storage business since 1997 and has a number of facilities in the Western Cape and Gauteng.

Demand from its customers eventually led Storage RSA to the new re-FILE service. re-FILE is a document storage and management service enabling Storage RSA customers to store documents in secure and clean environments and to manage access to it by means of a sophisticated computer and scanner system.

Storage RSA built a 900 sq m facility in the Boland to cater for its home market and relieve customers of their archiving and compliance related needs.

The company has optimised racking systems and warehouses to significantly improve box densities to optimise storage space and ultimately lower storage cost to clients.

In addition, it has implemented an internationally renowned software system that features barcode tracking technology. This feature rich system enables the company to electronically monitor the location and flow of documents in the warehouse. This enables Storage RSA re-FILE to facilitate fast retrieval, scheduled destruction of dated documentation and management reports on documentation in storage.

Strict security measures were put in place to ensure the safekeeping of client documents. The facility is protected by security staff 24 hours a day, closed circuit television and infrared beams are installed around the perimeter and at all access points. Furthermore, only authorized personnel have access to the warehouse. Pests are kept at bay with continuous pest control precautions. Also, a micro particle smoke detection system is installed to alert staff of even the slightest risk of fire.

This new warehouse is situated in the heart of the Boland, in Stellenbosch, since many clients find the location of the warehouse a key decision factor in trusting Storage RSA with their documents, the company says. Most other document storage service providers are situated in the Cape Town metropolitan area and often pose logistical obstacles when documents need to be accessed in the most time and cost effective way.

Storage RSA says a core value has always been to provide a professional service. It strives to achieve this in its self storage business and will replicate the same values of professionalism and excellence into the new document storage service.

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