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MANAGEMENT: A First From Stellenbosch


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One of the top international qualifications in business management will soon be available to business leaders from the USB. The qualification consists of the World Executive Education Alliance (WEEA) program, which is presented in turn by leading business schools and universities on five different continents around the world.

This means, for example, that a participant would have the opportunity to study finance in Russia, marketing in the USA, logistics in India, human resources management in South Africa, management information systems in Switzerland and corporate strategy in Brazil.

This follows after USB Executive Development (USB-ED), the public executive development and training company of the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB), recently became part of this highly regarded world program. USB-ED is the first South African business school on the African continent to take part in the WEEA program.

The program is highly sought-after as it provides for in-depth exposure to the business environment on five different continents world-wide, whilst executive training is facilitated by leading educational institutions. The continents and institutions are:

  • Europe Graduate School of Business Administration Zurich (GSBA)

  • USA Graduate School of Business Chicago

  • South Africa University of Stellenbosch Business School – Executive Development

  • Eastern Europe Moscow International Higher Business School (Mirbis)

  • India Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

  • South America International Business & Management Education Centre (Ibmec) Rio de Janeiro

The modules provided for at these institutions are corporate strategy, marketing, human recourses finance, information technology and logistics. Membership of the alliance ensures a uniform module structure so that the same level of quality applies throughout the program. Each module lasts two weeks. Participants can choose which module they want to attend, which will be available on a continuous bases at these institutions.

As part of the alliance, USB-ED will host a module in human recourses management in September 2009 at its campus in Bellville. The Graduate School of Business Administration Zurich will co-facilitate the module.

A unique element of the WEEA program is a case study of a local company and which will serve as study material for participants. This opens a door for a South African company to have its operations and strategy evaluated by a group of international business men and women and to share insights with.

USB-ED CEO, Frik Landman, said the WEEA program offer a unique opportunity to South African business executives to gain an international perspective of the business environment and to eventually plough the knowledge back into South Africa.

It is a diversified program through which local business can gain a lot, especially local companies doing business internationally. It is an ideal forum where business executives from developing economies can make contact with their counterparts in developed economies, exchange ideas and learn from each other.”

Landman said that a number of South African educational institutions do have associations with single overseas institutions. The WEEA program, however, is unique in this regard as five continents world-wide are linked together for mutual exposure to a globalised world economy.

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