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ENGINEERING: Sewage Solutions For Small Communities


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VWS Envig is currently providing a UV disinfection plant to a Western Cape municipality to disinfect the biologically treated tertiary wastewater before it is released into a local river. The existing plant is being upgraded to replace the current chlorine disinfection system.

Not only is UV disinfection itself environmentally sound, it is much safer than chlorine dosing,” says Gunter Rencken.

Package plants are containerised plug-and-play units that are easy to install and maintain, and are fully capable of meeting the water and wastewater requirements of a smaller community.”

One package plant technology that the company offers is the trickling filter concept which treats sewage water to such a standard that it can be used for agricultural purposes, replacing a community’s dependence on irrigation water from a river. It is also environmentally friendly, enabling treated water to be released into the environment with no adverse effects.

Trickling filter technology is incorporated into a system that includes screening, primary treatment, carbon removal and nitrification, solids dewatering and disinfection. The actual trickling filter system consists of a bed of highly permeable media which serves as host for micro-organisms, to attach to and grow on, to form a biological film. The wastewater is sprayed over this film and percolates through the media. Organic material in the wastewater is thus absorbed. This technology has been used successfully in smaller applications in southern Africa.

We have the know-how to assess a customer’s requirements and design and construct a plant to meet them,” says Rencken. “One of our core philosophies focuses on the environment, that is, designing plants and using processes that have minimal or no impact on the environment and surrounding communities. In this way, we design and construct plants, on a large and small scale, that meet both the client’s and environmental requirements. This applies to new plants and upgrades, assisting clients specifically in meeting these stringent environmental requirements.”

Through its association and continued working relationship with parent company Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, VWS Envig also offers leading edge process technologies in screening, clarification, flotation, aerobic and anaerobic processes, membrane filtration and disinfection.


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