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MANUFACTURING: Emission Reduction Now Essential


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THE need to reduce carbon emissions is high on the SA political agenda and pressure will soon be on industry to lead the way. Emission reductions are achieved by burning less fuel more efficiently and burning less fuel equates to cost saving, says Granc Renecle, MD of Cape Town-based Combustion Technology.

We have many companies coming to us with extremely high fuel bills asking us to help them find ways of reducing them whilst not affecting their production,” says Renecle.

Combustion Technology is the exclusive distributor of the Autoflame Micro Modulation System which operates by controlling the combustion process with highly accurate microprocessor technology.

To maximise the efficiency of any boiler, the air to fuel ratio should be optimised to ensure complete combustion and the target temperature or pressure of the boiler should be monitored by the combustion system for an immediate response to changes in external conditions.

Mechanical systems that traditionally use cams and linkages to characterise the fuel/air ratio with their inherent hysteresis can never achieve the sort of sustainable accuracy required to maintain optimum combustion and fuel efficiency, Renecle says.

The MM system provides an easily programmable means of optimising combustion quality throughout the load requirement range of the boiler/burner, while ensuring the temperature is accurate to within 1°C/2°F and pressure to within 1.5psi/0.1bar.

Use of an exhaust gas analyser trim system further expands the benefits of MM. It measures and displays O2, CO2, CO, NOx, SO2, exhaust temperature and boiler efficiency. This information is fed back to the MM, which generates minute corrections on the air damper position. This ensures that the originally entered commissioning data is adhered to, irrespective of variations in stack pressure, barometric conditions or changes in fuel temperature and quality.

Safety is paramount and Autoflame have developed a patented MM/EGA 3 Parameter Trim philosophy whereby the combustion performance of the burner is mapped for commissioned values, air rich combustion and fuel rich combustion. During lean combustion, where air is being subtracted, when modulating, the fuel/air ratio returns to commissioned values until the required firing rate is achieved. Only then will the trim function subtract air, ensuring safe combustion at all times so that safety is never compromised by efficiency.

In order to stay on top of technology and the improvements in the industry, Combustion Technology regularly sends their engineers on training courses. “More than ten of our engineers have recently completed training on the new combustion regulations, SANS 329 and are now up to speed on all the combustion equipment. At the end of 2008 we had a team of six engineers visiting Autoflame in the UK for an intensive three day course on improvements in the industry and the new technology that Autoflame is developing,” says Renecle.

Not only have most of the projects we have been involved in experienced fuel savings but in many cases there has been a significant improvement in the end product or the efficiency of the machinery.”

One of our biggest success stories to date is Rooibos Tea in Clanwilliam. Moisture in the tea was varying between 6% and 9% and the boiler was cycling every five minutes. We installed a Garioni two-pass steam boiler together with a Riello Burner fitted with a micromodulation system and the results were dramatic.”

The boiler ran continuously and the moisture content was constant at 10% and fuel savings reached a massive 58%. This dramatic saving resulted in the company paying for the equipment within a twelve month period.

With an emissions calculator it is possible to demonstrate the typical minimum savings that can be achieved by installing an MM system or similar equipment from other manufacturers,” says Renecle.

For the past three years Combustion Technology has also been offering clients the opportunity to attend boiler optimisation seminars in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The most recent seminar, held in March at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West, was attended by major companies such as Chevron, Distell, Pioneer Foods and Parmalat.

Our boiler seminar, which runs for just one day, addresses a number of ways to reduce fuel bills and running costs,” says Renecle

Combustion Technology is the exclusive Southern African distributor of Riello Burners, Garioni Naval Boilers and Autoflame Combustion Management Systems. As part of their service they offer companies a no obligation energy audit of the combustion system.

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