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EMPOWERMENT: Cargo Carriers Shows BEE At Best


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CARGO Carriers, the specialised transportation and logistics company, recently achieved a third place ranking in the Transport Division of the 2009 Top Empowerment Companies (TEC) survey, as well as the highest Preferential Procurement score (17.83%) of the top five companies listed in the division.

A significant part of Cargo Carriers empowerment programme is its owner-driver scheme which was launched in 2003 in business areas identified as receptive to the concept. Existing employees who had the correct attributes were actively encouraged and supported by Cargo Carriers in becoming entrepreneurs through owning their own vehicles and driving on behalf of the company.

The aim of Cargo Carriers’ owner driver programme is to empower drivers who would otherwise never have an opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs. One of the most important aspects of its owner-driver programme is the training and the business experience they gain.

In order to successfully achieve and maintain equity in their own business, the scheme follows a stringent selection and training process which results in the owner-drivers entering a service agreement with Cargo Carriers to become independent contractors to the company, as opposed to employees. Training covers a broad spectrum of skills which the owner-drivers will require in order to achieve sustainable success and include driving, communications, finance and life skills.

The owner-drivers are assisted with their finances and unique packages are developed and monitored by a third party administration company to ensure the owner-drivers’ affairs are in order, statutory returns are submitted, high cost areas are controlled, and retirement funding and medical aid policies are in place.

The four initial owner-drivers selected almost six years ago proved how successful the programme was when their service agreement was renewed for a further three years in August last year. Since the programme was initiated in 2003 Cargo Carriers has trained 20 owner-drivers, with plans underway to expand this programme.

Cargo Carrier’s owner-driver scheme goes beyond boardroom empowerment, as indicated by the results of the TEC survey.

Given South Africa’s history, empowerment at a grassroots level such as that which is achieved by the owner-driver scheme is an imperative for Cargo Carriers in positively contributing to those individuals and societies that we engage with every day.”

We are one of the leading companies in our industry in terms of empowerment as found by the TEC survey and we are committed to continuous development in this area,” says owner-driver manager John Sprenger.

Cargo Carriers is a specialised transportation, supply chain and logistics service provider. It provides a full suite of transportation solutions in industry verticals, namely sugar, steel, powders, fuel and chemicals, which are backed up by an extensive national and cross-border infrastructure.

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