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TRANSPORT: Best Count Of Every Fuel Drop


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EFFICIENCY has become an operating term more than ever before and the fuel distribution industry is no exception. The importance of accurately measuring fuel for the sector is crucial, says Liquid Automation Systems (LAS).

LAS provides mobile solutions that encompass not only the security and accounting aspects of the fuel distributor’s responsibilities, but also the integrity and safety of the product. Its systems offer the fuel distribution industry a method of measuring and securing the product – be it petrol, diesel or any other liquid – from the time it is loaded into the road or rail tanker to the moment it is delivered to its final destination.

An average tanker carries 36 000 litres of fuel, and the challenge is to ensure that every drop is accounted for by the time the final delivery is made.

LAS’ versatile mobile flow metering design combines components from the world’s leading suppliers of flow meters, computers, air eliminators and valves, to offer solutions for pumping and gravity systems.

Using various measuring principles, LAS is able to provide a full range of metered delivery solutions, from traditional mechanical registers through to the latest innovations combining electronic air elimination, flow meters, and multi-channel, multi-product flow computers.

At the core of the LAS system is the rugged and durable vehicle-mounted 1040 Contrec Flow Computer – a multi-channel system for the measurement and delivery of fuel and chemicals. Coupled with this, the Liquid Controls rotary-motion positive-displacement meter provides minimum intrusion in a flowing stream of liquid, resulting in faster delivery flow rates.

In combination with the Wennstrom FlowCheck air elimination system, this electronically based system offers compact and robust design. An essential part of this system is the pump utilizing Blackmer’s unique sliding-vane design.

This positive-displacement pump offers the best combined characteristics of sustained high-level performance, energy efficiency and low maintenance costs, all wrapped up with trouble-free operation.

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