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BUILDING: Profile Concrete Standing Steadfast


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PROFILE Concrete Equipment, which last month moved from Epping to bigger premises in Montague Gardens, has been on a roll the past number of years based mainly on the reputation it has gained as designer and manufacturer of equipment to meet the needs of the building and construction industries.

Managing director of the company Jaap van der Westhuizen says annual turnover increases of up to 30% have been achieved over the past number of years and, despite slumps in certain sectors of the building industry, prospects for Profile still remains good.

The reason is simple; the company boasts a highly sophisticated range of concrete brick, block and paver manufacturing equipment. The range starts with small manually operated machines capable of producing just a few hundred blocks a day and extends to fully automatic microprocessor controlled plants with outputs in excess of 60 000 bricks per shift.

The company was established in 1985 by Dieter Daenhke, following the German tradition of designing practical, robust equipment.

Originally active in the design and manufacture of equipment for various diverse industries including poultry and fish processing, fruit sorting and handling and block making equipment, in 1995 the focus was placed on equipment needed by the building and construction industries.

All our equipment is robust, reliable and easy to maintain, ensuring minimal downtime. Designs are innovative, with the emphasis on practical operation and high production”, van der Westhuizen says.

Products, which include hollow bricks, bricks and pavers of various sizes, shapes and shades are consistent and of high quality.

But the range extends even further, including batching and mixing plants, pallet and material handling systems, vibrating tables, various sizes of screw conveyors, mould boxes for any make of block machine, even silos and boomscrapers.

Profile Concrete Equipment is a well-known name in South Africa, but up to 25% of its products are exported, finding their ways to countries such as Australia, South America, Russia, Nigeria, Angola and many more other African countries.

Developing countries especially are continuing to show a good demand for construction and building work, where Profile’s products come in handily.

Van der Westhuizen, together with another partner, controls the company but recently took on another two directors, Dicki Steyn and Tony Devoti, who now each also owns 10% of the company. Profile employee 60 to 100 staff, depending on the workload.

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