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MANUFACTURING: Fabrinox Gears Up For 2010


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GEARING themselves up for the 2010 Soccer world cup and the anticipated, increased demand for catering equipment to help feed the masses is Fabrinox, one of the country’s leading sheet metal manufacturers.

The Paarl-based company has developed an innovative range of vending units with major food retailers. This latest venture represents Fabrinox’s modus operandi of forming strategic alliances with companies and providing complete manufacturing solutions according to individual requirements.

The mobile, modular catering components were designed, engineered and constructed using CAD based technology with ideas reviewed and finalized digitally before any protyping commenced. Product development is, therefore, not only accelerated but also made more cost-effective.

Says Fabrinox’s Andre Visser, “Our modular units go one stage further than traditional mobile units by, firstly, supplying whatever extras a customer may need for his particular business, such as wash units or a complete kitchen for demonstrations and on-site functions, secondly being aesthetically pleasing as we have our own in-house designer who has an engineering background and thirdly offering complete mobility”.

Manoeuvrability, particularly with regard to 2010, is vital as units need to be transported to different venues and moved across soccer fields and uneven surfaces easily. They also need to be sturdy and robust to support the various items incorporated into the design.

High quality materials, superior welding techniques and the use of the latest equipment ensure that Fabrinox can meet such demands. The company is in the process of implementing ISO 3834 to manage welding quality and is already ISO9001 : 2000 certified which ensures that their management systems are audited by the SABS with third party inspections made on an on-going basis.

Appreciating the importance of units as an advertising medium, Fabrinox can utilise a magnetic grade of stainless steel in the production of its trolleys so that logos can be placed on the front and changed – particularly useful with the number of sponsors involved in 2010 and the number of teams.

As part of its total solution package, Fabrinox uses sub-contracters to provide for such requirements as gas hobs, electrical connections and any other specific equipment, such as fridges or induction plates, which are all incorporated into the overall design.

The mobile units have application not only in catering but also in a medical environment. The old, dull, grey, squeaking hospital trolley can be replaced with units such as the company’s new compact Meals on Wheels (MOW 20) unit, which incorporates removable trays (20 capacity) for hygienic cleaning, bi-directional mobility, lockable castors and insulation to maintain serving temperatures. Also important is that individual components are replaceable.

The RTS30 refreshment unit has an eye-catching, ergonomical design making it possible to manoeuvre between hospital beds and incorporates such features as newspaper and magazine holders as well as storage shelves both top and bottom.

A production capacity driven company, Fabrinox’s focus on building relationships and working with customers has enabled it to be operative in a number of projects where it manufactures under licence for industries such as oven manufacturing; food and liquid processing and packaging; dairy and liquid purification technology.

Products for baking systems include rack ovens, provers, mixers, moulders and dividers, which have been installed for a wide range of applications such as wholesale bakeries, supermarkets and coffee shops. To support such systems, Fabrinox specialises in the manufacture of heat exchangers for the different oven models.

In the area of food processing and packaging, Fabrinox is involved with one of the world’s leading manufacturers designing and engineering the machinery used to package such foodstuffs as prepared meats, poultry and seafood as well as baked and fried snacks.

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, equipment has to operate non-stop so quality and durability of the machinery is essential.

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