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EXPO: The World is About to Change, Even for Smokers


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A LEADING tobacco company has managed to take the smoke out of smoking and still provide addicts with a shot of nicotine and a taste of real tobacco.

You don’t believe it? Well visit the Design of Future Living exhibition at the Century City conference centre and see for yourself, along with many other amazing products that will change our lives.

The problem with tobacco is that it has to be burned or chewed. Well not anymore. The IQOS process merely heats a special blend of tobacco just enough for it to emit a soothing tobacco-flavoured vapour and nothing else. There is no burning. It’s smoke without fire.

It ends the days of coughing and spitting and terminates the second-hand smoke problem. Welcome to a world without ashtrays.

Another amazing reversal is the new zoo principle. Instead of animals in cages we have people in cages and the free animals outside and looking in. The first example is there for all to see at the Design for Future Living expo. It comes in the form of a self-propelled stainless steel cage. The human being goes inside, it is lowered into the water and the great white sharks swim alongside.

The cage was developed in Cape Town for National Geographic film makers who wanted to get really close to the action and live to tell the tale. Now children are invited to step inside the cage at the D4FL Expo and see the world from behind bars.

And that’s just the beginning. Soon we’ll have cages on wheels for night time adventures to the dens of lions and their kills. It will be more intimate and much cheaper than miles and miles of electric fencing and game rangers standing guard with rifles at the ready.

Oh yes, the future is a different place and you can meet it at the D4FL.

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