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CONVENTIONS: CTICC Undergoing Major Refurbishments


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Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) is undergoing major refurbishments to accommodate a growth in visitors to the centre and to maintain competitiveness in the international marketplace.

According to Rashid Toefy, CTICC chief executive, refurbishments which will cost CTICC R7m were necessary to ensure it remained on par with rising international standards and to deliver the five-star experience expected in convention circles. Since inception, six years ago, more than R38m has been invested in refurbishments in the centre. 

The CTICC stands out as a leading convention centre due to its world-class standards of excellence,” he said. “If we did not continually maintain this, we would lose that edge.”

Since opening its doors CTICC has had over three million visitors.  In the past financial year the centre contributed R2.7bn to the national economy, hosted more than 500 events and welcomed an estimated 555 000 delegates.

The latest refurbishment extends to the upgrading of its control centre and server, public furniture, toilet areas and infrastructure such as the building’s huge loading doors and conference chairs.

Approximately R1.5m has been invested in upgrading the control centre – the nerve centre of the CTICC - which boasts state of the art surveillance and control equipment.  The new control area, which contains rack-mounted servers that reduce space, cooling, networking and cabling, also contains sophisticated integrated hardware and software inhibiting information loss. It also houses upgraded digital video recorders that allow for better image quality and surveillance.

The new server upgrade is set to result in an 80% reduction in energy consumption.

In line with the CTICC’s commitment to becoming a leading environmentally sustainable convention centre, the 198 public toilets are undergoing a major refurbishment. The new facilities will contain electronic flush control mechanisms and reduced water flow mechanisms to conserve energy.

In order to ensure easier access for exhibitors to the exhibition halls, four new steel reinforced loading doors, each weighing 2 tons have been installed. Other infrastructure refurbishments planned include upgrading the public furniture and conference chairs.

Megan Arendse, CTICC general manager for operations, said that CTICC had also invested in digital signage to assist guests in navigating the centre.

Our investment in these refurbishments will enable us to take on additional convention business in the Western Cape region,” she said. “We are also expecting an influx of visitors associated with FIFA Soccer World Cup from December onwards.”  

In order to further enhance its service offerings CTICC is also in the process of applying for three globally recognised quality accreditations: Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) and Health and Safety Systems (OHSAS 18001).

We have to match international expectations,” said Arendse. “We have a comprehensive plan in place for the next three years, including other refurbishments. Going forward these will all combine to further boost CTICC’s competitiveness in the global market.”

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