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TECHNOLOGY: Intaka Tech's Water Solutions For Africa


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PRODUCING drinkable water of excellent quality according to the specifications of the World Health Organisation is the Intaka Tech Water Purification Plant (WPP), which can produce up to 50 000 litres of drinking water per hour.

Over 120 WPPs are currently in operation in South Africa and Angola enhancing the lives of thousands of people, and Intaka Tech is rapidly making further inroads into the greater African continent.

Intaka Tech, a division of the Intaka Group, is a manufacturer and marketer of state-of-the-art, water and gas equipment. With its head office in Cape Town, the company’s aim is to further entrench and expand its footprint in Africa on an ongoing basis.

The Intaka Tech WPP can be used in many applications, ranging from healthcare, through to construction and mining,” explains Rodrigo Savoi, CEO of the Intaka Group. “As the company is able to supply its vital water purification equipment to even the most remote communities, it helps to make these communities more self-sufficient and independent. Water purification can now be carried out at any facility no matter how remote the location.”

The WPP and its components can easily be transported to its destination and installed without complications. “This degree of mobility allows the plant to be operational within six days once the items have been delivered,” Savoi continues.

The equipment is easily augmented into existing facilities, and installed at urban and peri-urban communities, as well as rural areas where no plants are in place.

The Intaka Tech WPP, which offers a particularly low operating cost per litre of water purified, is manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, making it corrosion resistant and extremely durable to the elements and water treatment process. The WPPs do not only remove high turbidity and colour, but also eliminate bacteria, spores, viral and parasite pathogenic agents, thus preventing typical waterborne diseases. The water purification procedure is that of activated carbon filtration, the steps of which are pre-chlorination; pre-filtration; activate carbon filtration; post-chlorination and then storage.

In South Africa alone, more than 50 Intaka Tech WPPs are producing clean water in the Northern Cape, Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo. Together these produce approximately 11.2 million litres per day. Intaka Tech is also working on water projects in the other provinces of South Africa.

Last year, Intaka Tech was awarded a R300 million contract for 71 WPPs to produce a combined total of 78 million litres of drinking water per day in Angola. The WPPs were shipped from Cape Town harbour last year. As each of the water purification plants can supply 1.1 million litres of drinkable water per day, this means that an impressive total of 78 million litres of raw water will be converted into drinkable water each day, catering for the water needs of 2.6 million people in Angola on a daily basis.

This initiative is part of a water project called ‘Agua Para Todos’ (meaning ‘Water for Everyone’). The WPPs are to support and facilitate the Angolan Government’s initiatives to provide purified, drinkable water of a quality that is in line with international standards.

In the pipeline are water projects operating in Nigeria and Zambia, with further water projects proposed for the Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brassaville, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Namibia and Malawi.

The Intaka Tech WPP is ideal for applications in:


hospitals and clinics

mining communities


food industry

defence force

As its WPPs are locally manufactured it is able to provide local job opportunities and in so doing boost the South African economy. All its products are patented in South Africa and other countries.

Its customer service extends far beyond the sale of its WPPs to include highly competent product support and customer service networks in place in the countries in which its equipment is operating.

Its equipment is reliable and safe, and is manufactured to the highest quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 10083 International Standards, US Pharmacopeia USP, SANS 61010-1: 2004 and IEC 61010-1: 2001.

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