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BUSINESS: Four Key Ways to Grab the Attention Of Your Customers


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Some of the best TV and radio advertisements from decades back are still remembered today. Why? Because they kept our attention with simple, powerful marketing tools.
A jingle, a catchphrase, a slogan, a powerful message, a feeling…
Someone took the time to find out what really made their customers tick, what really piqued their interest…and it worked.
If you’ve ever been to a regular village marketplace, there’s usually one thing that gets your attention: those places are seriously noisy.
The modern marketplace is no different. More and more businesses are setting up shop to compete for the attention of your customers. So, how do you ensure that your business stands out from the crowd and gets heard above the noise?
Here are four effective ways to grab (and keep) the attention of your customers

1. Bowl them over with your brand
This phase is critical to get the attention of your customers. Your business needs an identity. If you don’t know what your brand is, if you don’t have identifying traits that help people point you out, how will you expect your customers to recognise you?
Recognition results in attention.
Your brand is the golden thread that’s woven throughout your business and determines how you look, how you speak and how you act. In other words, your brand is the one thing upon which everything else is hinged.
Where to start?
If you have no idea how to nail down your brand, it’s best to chat to a professional. There are a number of good agencies out there who will help you map your customer journey with your brand at a reasonable price. Brand development services are worth every cent spent, as your future marketing success will come down to the groundwork you do in this phase.

2. Pursue them with PPC
When print advertising was your main connection to your customers, you’d have to fork out a fortune to get your brand seen by the right people. And even then, you were never guaranteed that the people you needed to see your ad saw it. You never quite knew what your return on investment would be. You’d just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.
Today you don’t have to sell your vital organs on the Black Market to cover your advertising costs (some of you are breathing a sigh of relief right now). PPC (or Pay-Per-Click) has transformed the way we advertise. You no longer need to sweat sales calls and beg for leads. A well-crafted Facebook or Google PPC campaign will help you get the attention of the right audience in the right places with ease.
Where to start?
Take time to craft powerful copy with a professional copywriter that will make your product or service irresistible to your customers. Get a professional graphic designer to capture your brand through powerful banners for Google and Social Media. Before long, your customers won’t know why they need your offering, but they’ll know they need it now.

3. Wow them with your website
Your website is your modern day shop front. If it aint’ pretty, people are going to walk on by.
Once you’ve established your business brand, style, look and feel, it will be easier to craft a website that builds on that foundation.
A beautifully-designed website that is easy on the eye and easy to use will keep the attention of your customer for longer, giving you more time to wow them with your offering.
Think about the best shopping experience you’ve ever had: visible, clear directional signage helped you make your way through the noisy corridors in a flash. The mall was clean, well-lit and beautifully designed. The amenities were strategically placed to meet even the needs you never thought you needed. Plus great service and free parking… what a pleasure! You’ll definitely be back.
That’s exactly what your website needs to do for your customers
Where to start?
Don’t try and cut costs by asking the nephew of a guy you knew back in high school who “knows about computers” to design your website. Hire a professional web design agency to help you capture your brand for your online audience.

4. Get creative with print
Sometimes all you need to get your customers’ attention is an incredibly creative business card.
Online tools like websites and social media are great to get your business noticed, but nothing beats a firm handshake, eye-contact, and a memorable, professionally-designed business card in the hand of your potential customer.
Where to start?
To make your business card memorable, you’ll require the services of two professionals: an incredibly creative, talented graphic designer, and a reputable, well-known printing company. Once your business card gets the attention of your customer, the rest is up to you to make the magic happen.

Lifelong customers can be the result of a single attention-grabbing encounter with your business. Here’s to making it count. Now go reel them

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