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VENTURES: BAMR's New Coating Gauge


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BAMR, a family run business based in Newlands and which supplies, repairs, services and calibrates instruments, especially in the coatings, corrosion, physical paint testing and other sectors, is best known for its local representation of Elcometer Instruments of Manchester.

This is a world leader in the coatings and anti corrosion industry, having achieved the Queens Awards for Technology and Export.

BAMR has represented this UK family business agency in South and Southern Africa since 1948.

Some of the more recent, important developments for BAMR, are the introduction of Elcometer’s 456 Coating Thickness Gauge Mark 3, the world’s first and only coating thickness gauge which gives the user PSPC results for the 90/10 rule as a ‘Pass or Fail’ as measurements are taken.

The IMO PSPC regulation for salt water ballast tanks came into force last year for all ships in excess of 500 GRT. This regulation introduces a rigorous inspection regime which includes coating thickness and, in particular, the introduction of the new performance standard for Dry Film Thickness – the PSPC 90/10 rule.

This rule states that 90% of all thickness measurements shall be greater than or equal to NDFT (Nominal Dry Film Thickness) and none of the remaining 10% measurements shall be below 0.9 x NDFT. This is one of the hardest standards to calculate and almost impossible without the aid of print outs, calculators or computers, until now.

Another development is that Elcometer has added Bluetooth wireless technology to the Elcometer 224 Model T. Combined with RS232, this now allows RS232, USB and Bluetooth connectivity in a single gauge at no extra cost.

With its speed of operation and portability, the Elcometer 224 is ideal for measuring blast-cleaned surfaces and is the first digital surface profile gauge to provide statistical calculations to make the assessment of large areas of blast-cleaned surfaces both quick and easy.

Both the Model S and T versions have full menu-driven operation and a graphics display in multiple languages, with the capability to take more than 40 reading per minute.

The new Elcometer 319/2 Dewpoint Meter has been designed to incorporate all climatic condition monitoring in a single gauge. The memory and measurement options make it one of the most versatile digital dewpoint meters available today, according to BAMR.

Determining the presence of moisture and condensation on surfaces, the Elcometer 319/2 can help to prevent potential coating flaws. Designed to measure air temperature, relative humidity and surface temperature, the gauge then automatically calculates the dewpoint temperature as well as the difference between dewpoint and surface temperature. Combined with a 12 000 reading memory, this eliminates errors when recording readings or determining dewpoint.

The new Elcometer 319/2 also has an optional docking unit that serves as an interface between the gauge and a PC.

Using ElcoMaster software, readings can be stored and used to create value added reports. ElcoMaster is also used to store readings from other Elcometer gauges. This enables climatic, material thickness, surface profile and coating thickness measurements to be stored in a single place for easy comparison and reporting.

The ElcoMaster has the advantage of being able to produce reports at the click of the button thereby saving valuable time and money.

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