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FOOD & BEVERAGES: Cold Room Racking Solutions


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COST effective storage in cold rooms together with an effective rotation of goods and ability to manually count stock/pallets was the brief given to Vaughn Jensen and Andy Corbellarie from EM Shelving & Racking from several clients in the fruit industry.

Drive in Racking was the system chosen as the most cost effective racking structure to date. Live storage, pushback, mole and mobile racking are in a different cost per pallet position categories and not as popular where Land and Building costs are relatively low compared to other areas of the world.

Drive in racking can utilize up to 80 % of floor space and 75% of volume taking into consideration airflow and the aisle space for loading. Block stacking with pallets on the floor seldom utilizes the volume of the cold store.

The most common pallets being stored are mainly high cube pallets (1200mm x 1000 mm x 2400 mm x 1200 kg ) and the most cost effective racking structure would be three pallets high ( 8 meter inside the cold store ) which will give the best cost ratio per pallet stored for drive in racking.

Stock rotation is best calculated on the variety of different products and their movement.

Container loads use a deeper lane, up to 6 deep x 3 high is possible. Movement of smaller loads 3 deep x 3 high is the better configuration

Due to the nature of the fruit industry, storing various types of fruit in the same cold store it is imperative to manually count the stock as the location is not always the same and normal computerized stock counting methods fail. EM Shelving & Racking developed a system to build cat walks at every second row of racking, allowing a worker to climb up a ladder and physically count the type of pallets on the three levels without taking aisle space away.

Drive in racking in its very nature of design is a sensitive structure especially when the loading of containers is based on time, the speed with which the forklift drivers are driving into the racking, picking up or depositing pallets. This can sometimes be frightening. Therefore any installation by EM Shelving & Racking will have solid floor guide rails, end frame protectors and row end barriers. All the racking comes with formed rails on cantilevered levels.

The company says it has in the past year alone managed to supply and install in excess of 20 000 pallet positions of drive-in racking to various clients.

Drive-in racking is only one of the many systems used in cold storage the company has to offer.


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