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INFOTECH: Wireless is Gaining More Traction


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Wireless is gaining more traction in the business world, especially with the rise of tablets, netbooks and smart phones, which are used to connect people, businesses, consumers with businesses and businesses to businesses – on a 24/7 basis.

Derick Roberts, CEO of wireless specialist company, TruTeq Devices - with clients that include Transnet and Vodacom - said if companies have not yet embraced the nuances of the wireless world, they will be “left in the dust”.

“As wireless is used increasingly in the workplace, so will data. Ensuring the right data plans are selected for employees will be very important in order to ensure that employees have consistent access to data -  and the right data -without breaking the company’s piggy-bank.

“For those who think social media will slow down, the fact is that consumers are moving from one social media outlet to another on a fairly consistent basis, especially children.

“Children, “said Roberts, “don't want their parents to spy on their online activity. This means that as a growing number of parents become more tech savvy - and enter the social media world - children are changing to new social media outlets for their privacy.”

As mobile devices are used more and more to connect everyone, companies will also start creating their own apps so their customers and employees have the ability to connect with the company quicker – and in a user-friendly way.

Here user-friendly is the watchword. If the communications experience is bad or tedious for consumers, they may just move on to the next company.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology is another area of high growth.  M2M allows companies to take advantage of e-commerce and retail solutions via a mobile device that otherwise would not have been possible. At the end of 2013 there were than 190 million M2M connections.

Another wireless technology which is going to push the growth of wireless even further is the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend.

To this end, a bigger number of employers will allow employees to bring their own devices to use within the work environment.

Often employees don’t really like the technology given to them by their employers. They are starting to become more vociferous – and are urging employers to embrace their chosen platforms, including cellular phones, computers and tablets.

“This is forcing companies to install systems that will allow for BYOD technology, without compromising on company security.  One thing for sure is that the golden thread for conducting business – and social interaction – is going to be wireless,” said Roberts.


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