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EXPO: Absa Vuka Showcase Supports The Arts


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The Vision, Taste and Sound of Africa come together to celebrate creative strengths and valuable role within the global economy. Hosted in Cape Town’s Wembley Square, the Absa VUKA Showcase sets out to inspire Afro-optimism and motivate Africa’s entrepreneurs and thought leaders to take Africa forward within the global economy.

According to Forbes Magazine, Africa’s emerging economies are rising to new heights and finding a place of their own within the global economy. Compared to other emerging markets, Africa has been more resistant to the tough economic climate, boasting with five of the world’s dozen fastest-growing economies. It is the entrepreneurs that emerge despite the tough economic circumstances, who play an extremely important role in the gradual rise of our African continent.

Illustrative of this is the large contribution by SMME’s in Cape Town and South Africa’s economy as a whole. Cape Town contributes 10.58% to South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product and about 75% of Cape Town’s businesses can be classified as a SMME. Statistics also show that 50% of the city’s outputs are attributed to these SMMEs’s

Therefore, the Absa VUKA showcase applauds these creative entrepreneurs. Showcasing the continent’s richness in creativity and talents, creating an opportunity for creative thinkers and entrepreneurs to network. For it is through creative thinking that Africa is positioning itself as an emerging competitor within the global economy.

Willie Zastron, Absa Provincial Head for Business Banking, says: “Absa’s sponsorship confirms the bank’s commitment to recognising the strength found in Africa’s diversity and our creative entrepreneurs. Seen not only in Absa’s diverse arts and culture portfolio, but also through the bank’s innovative products for businesses and individuals. We believe in the important role that the creative industry has to play in forward thinking, entrepreneurship and business as a whole. Therefore this is testament to our support for creative industries.This platform is a showcase positioned to awaken a renewed optimism about Africa through exploring the sounds, tastes and visual arts of Africa..”

The showcase presents Africa’s creative strengths through three main pillars namely, Vision, Taste and Sound.  Vision promotes a space where artists can express their talents and comment on society through various mediums. Featured artists include the likes of award-winning animation studio Triggerfish and popular comic Strika.

Taste celebrates afro-fusion cuisine, with an African coffee festival as a highlight. The coffee festival celebrates the richness of our African soil and the Ethiopian, African origin of coffee. And through Sound, the great variety Africa’s music scene comes alive through traditional, rock, electronic and popular music, featuring internationally acclaimed artists like Jeremy Loops, Dan Patlansky and Derek Gripper. Through these three pillars the diversity of Africa as a continent becomes a strong force of creative harmony and forward thinking, highlighting our continent’s prosperity.


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