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PROPERTY: Spruce Up Your Home For Summer


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Summer is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to get your home summer ready which will not only keep your home cool and save on energy costs, but also prevent possible home related issues that come with the warmer months.

Lee Mhlongo, CEO of Housing Finance at FNB says, “With summer almost upon us there are a number of aspects to consider for both your home and its contents to make sure they are in top condition.”

Insulate your home

While it may seem contradictory, ensuring that your home is insulated correctly will not only help to keep it cool during the hot summer months but will also save on energy costs.

“Insulation is not just to protect your home during the winter months, it is just as important to ensure that you have insulated correctly to keep your house cool,” says Mhlongo. “Make sure that you have adequate insulation in the ceiling, this will stop hot air radiating downwards. “

Consider investing in heavy curtains or blinds for windows that are in direct sunlight and keep these closed when the sun shines straight into them.

Prepare for the rain

In many parts of South Africa summer is the rainy season which brings its own set of home maintenance problems.

“As in the beginning of winter, it is advisable to clear out the gutters of any leaves or debris that may cause a block and overflow during the rainy season,” advises Mhlongo. “Test them yourself by pouring water into them to see that they are flowing correctly.”

You should also inspect the inside of your home very carefully to check whether there are any signs of leaks or potential water damage.

“Roof mould, cracks or water rings are all indications that there is a weak point in your home that rain may cause further damage to,” says Mhlongo. “Make sure that you have someone come and inspect any potential problems, so that it doesn’t develop into a major leak or a collapsed area.”

Invest in a good outdoor mat to ensure when the rain does hit, mud and the like is left outside where it belongs.

Ensuring your appliances are summer ready

There are many other small, practical tweaks for appliances to ensure that they are summer ready.

“Air conditioning filters need to be changed regularly in order to keep out the dust and make sure they are operating effectively,” says Mhlongo. “Similarly, it is a good idea to check the seal as well as check that air can circulate behind your fridge to prevent loss of energy and overheating.”

Turn your geyser down.

“During the summer months, there is no need to have your geyser on a very high setting,” says Mhlongo. “Not only will this save energy and on your bills, but also lessen the risk of the geyser bursting.

“It is a good idea to ensure your home is ready for the upcoming summer months to avoid any potential damage to your home or its contents,” concludes Mhlongo.


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