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DEVELOPMENT: Cape Town A Global Events City


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Another significant milestone has been reached on the road to positioning Cape Town as a global events city. The City of Cape Town’s Mayco recommended that the Events By-law, a first of its kind in South Africa, be approved by Council at its meeting on 30 March 2009. The Events Policy was approved in October 2008.

"Events play a major role to stimulate economic development. The Two Oceans Marathon and the Cape Argus Cycle Tour annually attract thousands of visitors to the metropole, providing economic growth, job creation and free marketing to visitors locally and abroad," says Mansoor Mohamed, the City’s Executive Director for Economic, Social Development and Tourism.

"Together with other top line events such as the International Jazz Festival and the SA Navy Festival, Cape Town is becoming known as the ‘event capital’ of South Africa and a 365-days-a-year, multi-faceted destination.

As such, the hosting of events is a significant part of the City’s global competitiveness strategy and our well developed events industry is an important economic, investment and social driver in terms of promoting tourism and community development. The Events By-law is another step towards creating an enabling environment to ensure the growth of the events industry," says Mohamed.

However, while the City has a good track record in the hosting of major events, the absence of a strategy, policy and by-law has meant that the City has not been able to maximise the benefits flowing from these opportunities.

According to Carol Wright, Interim Manager: Film and Events, the manager responsible for the by-law in the City: "The staging of events was often done in an ad-hoc manner, lacking strategic co-ordination and direction. Also, the number and complexity of events continue to grow each year. The City is increasingly being requested to provide significant resources for the staging of events (including financial support) and to manage the impact on the residents of Cape Town.

The City needs to act in a co-ordinated manner and provide clear strategic, administrative and operational guidelines in order to build on the existing momentum and minimise the risk of failure.

We have seen how poorly organised events can have severe repercussions for the City and the industry. It was thus essential to develop a policy and by-law to provide direction for Cape Town’s current and future events, processes and events calendar," says Wright.

Following an extensive process with Council committees, the relevant City departments and full public participation including three public hearings, a final draft City of Cape Town Events By-Law has been considered by Mayco with a recommendation that it is approved by Council.

The by-law applies to all events within the City’s jurisdictional area on public land as well as on private land which impact on public resources.

It covers aspects such as the application process and requirements, decisions on events and events compliance. A priority for the City is to ensure that events happen safely and securely in a co-ordinated manner.

"The By-Law is guided by a strategic policy framework to align events with the City’s Integrated Development Plan, ensure the co-ordination of all City departments, and link the City’s financial and logistical support to those events that can facilitate strategic benefits to the City and its citizens," says Mohamed.

The Events Policy and by-law is an important step to support the City’s strategic objectives, including Cape Town’s position as SA’s event capital.


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