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PACKAGING: Caturra introduces compostable coffee bags to South Africans


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With our many environmental woes, it’s good to know that some brands in South Africa are making progress in one area: “going green”. Caturra, known for its long standing excellence in gourmet coffee roasting, has upped the ante with the launch of an environmentally friendly packaging solution for their complete range of espresso, filter and organic coffees.

“Our coffees, sourced from exotic destinations all over the world, can be enjoyed guilt-free as they are now packaged in environmentally friendly, home compostable bags. Composting the packaging is as convenient as placing the empty bag on your compost heap or simply burying it in the ground. The decomposition process starts almost immediately and takes care of itself,” says Klaus Becker, Caturra Managing Director. “We would like to motivate all coffee lovers and consumers to make their contribution to conserving the environment by the use of compostable packaging,” Becker passionately adds.

There are many innovative ways in which the compostable coffee bags and coffee grounds can be re-used. Here are a few tips:

  • The bags work great as compostable flower pots for planting trees – the packaging will automatically decompose into the soil
  • Coffee grounds can be used as a fertiliser for garden plants; it does wonders for rose gardens
  • Coffee grounds speed up the process of creating rich earth when added to a compost heap, attracting beneficial earthworms 

For coffee loving consumers who are committed to minimising their carbon footprint and supporting sustainable business practices, this initiative by Caturra is the perfect place to start – a first step towards a truly green cup of coffee.

Our Caturra coffee range of beans and ground coffees is of the finest quality. Over close to two decades, we have perfected the craft of coffee making. By carefully selecting the best beans, sourced from the top coffee growing regions in the world, to the perfection of a fresh roast, we create the most luscious flavours. Our Caturra products are meticulously blended to create the distinct aroma and taste, you have come to value.

For more information, contact the Caturra head office in Cape Town on 021 593 1199 or visit

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