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RENEWABLE ENERGY: Harnessing the sun¬ís power


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Are you thinking about buying a solar electric system for your home or business?

Since the beginning of time, solar energy has been a vital requirement for life. Solar energy is an important part of almost every life cycle, if not, all life cycles. Plants and animals, alike, use solar energy to produce important nutrients in their cells. Plants use this energy to produce the green chlorophyll required to survive and produce O2, while humans use the sun rays to produce vitamin D in their bodies used to build strong bones and teeth.

With the major increase in electrical tariffs, more and more companies and individuals are learning how to harness this important resource and use it to replace traditional energy sources. They convert solar energy into usable energy, substantially reducing energy costs.

Solar electric systems, which are also called photovoltaic or PV systems, are reliable and pollution-free. PV systems for homes and businesses are becoming more affordable and therefore have become a popular alternative to the traditional sources.

To make PV systems even more affordable, several utilities offer financial incentives through solar rebates and other programs. Some utilities have net metering programs, which further enhance the return on investment made on the PV system. Net metering means that when your PV system generates more power than you need, the excess goes to the utility grid and the meter runs backwards.

PV works best in an energy-efficient building. So, you should add insulation and energy-efficient lighting and appliances to reduce your home or businesses overall electricity usage, before you install a PV system. The system can be a substantial investment. As with any investment, careful planning will help you make the right decisions for your home or business.

ACDC’s Shortform catalogue can guide you through the process of buying a solar electric system. It is not a technical guide to designing or installing a system, it does however assist with providing useful information to determine your requirements for a PV system. 

Should you require technical information, one should consult an experienced PV system designer. ACDC have technical specialists available to assist, contact them at and a consultant will respond to your request.

Renew your energy source today and create the building blocks for a greener tomorrow!

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