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WATER MANAGEMENT: Ensuring the supply of safe drinking water


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Watson-Marlow Bredel SA’s innovative new Qdos 30 range of metering pumps has been designed to eliminate ancillary equipment and enhance productivity by delivering more accurate, linear and repeatable metering than typical solenoid or stepper-driven diaphragm pumps.

Other applications for Qdos 30 include disinfection and pH adjustment of drinking water and industrial process water, flocculation and industrial cooling water preparation.

“In the disinfection of drinking water process, sodium hypochlorite creates gas locking and crystallisation in diaphragm pumps. Flow rates and pressure changes fluctuate, impacting metering accuracy,” says Watson-Marlow Bredel Cape Town area manager Bernard Rabé. “Diaphragm pumps are often set to ‘over-dose’ to ensure water quality is maintained, but this increases chemical usage and secondary treatment to compensate.

“Qdos 30 delivers predictable, accurate metering at variable pressure up to 7 bar (100 psi), even with fluctuating process conditions. Gas locking and crystallisation issues are eliminated.”

Water pH adjustment also influences the effectiveness of disinfection. Metering alkalis such as Calcium Hydroxide creates issues with clogging and damage, while metering acids carries safety implications and can corrode pipework and equipment.

Qdos 30 metering pumps minimise pH ‘overshoot’. Suspended solids are handled with no risk of clogging, and the innovative ReNu pumphead ensures safe operation with built-in fluid recovery.

 Rabé continues: “With regards to mineral processing and reagent dosing, accurate pH control is critical to ensure maximum yield. However the toxicity of reagents such as sulphuric acid and cyanides are hazardous and can damage pumps.

“ReNu pumphead technology ensures the safe metering of toxic chemicals. Fluid recovery and no-tools maintenance means an operator can quickly and safely change the pumphead and the process can be back up and running in minutes.”

Turning to Industrial cooling, Rabé points out that chemicals used in cooling water treatment to prevent corrosion and scale formation affect cooling efficiency and impact operating costs. “A metering skid may contain five pumps, each with its own configuration and operating requirements. Qdos 30 delivers accurate flow – even at very low flow rates combined with high discharge pressure.

“There are no valves in the flow path to wear, and the ReNu sealed pumphead ensures quick and safe pumphead replacement with no risk of leakage, giving you savings on skid ownership costs.

“Flocculants can also cause clogging in diaphragm pumps, increasing maintenance and process downtime,” he adds. “Environmental conditions such as temperature affect fluid viscosity and also affect diaphragm pump performance. Qdos 30 delivers accurate metering even with fluctuating viscosity – there are no seals or valves in the flow path to clog or wear, meaning pump performance is never compromised.”

The Qdos 30 Universal is the premium model in the range and features a fully configurable response to the 4–20mA input signal and 4–20mA and alarm outputs. Four other pump variants are available in the range.

Watson-Marlow has given particular consideration to customer preferences during the development of the Qdos 30 pump. The residual level in the tank can be seen at a glance, while other features include a menu-driven intuitive HMI and clearly visible status indicators. The keypad, display and all of the input and output connections are easily accessible.

“These valveless pumps deliver extremely accurate dosing performance, even under difficult conditions when pressure, viscosity and solids content vary. Volume flow ranges between 0.1 and 500 ml/min at up to 7 bar, and IP66-compliant manual, analog and Profibus control options simplify integration,” Rabé concludes.

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