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HOSPITALITY: Optimising Revenue For Independent Hotels


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Latest headlines on SA’s hospitality sector paint a relatively rosy view. However, many smaller independent hotels are still feeling the pinch, according to Craig Seaman, Managing Director at Louis Group Hotels, Spas and Vineyards.

Increasing room sales and optimising revenue remains a challenge for many independent hotels in Southern Africa who are not affiliated with a larger group,” said Seaman.

Without access to a wider network and its resources in terms of marketing, sales and management systems, it can be incredibly difficult to grow your hotel business.”

To address this challenge, Louis Group Hotels, Spas and Vineyards have launched HS&V Hospitality Management.

This is a turn-key hotel management system targeted at independent hotels who want to maintain a unique identity.

HS&V Hospitality Management offers hotels a sophisticated infrastructure and a highly experienced management team who understand how to optimise revenue while still maintaining and enhancing the unique image and positioning of each individual property,” said Seaman, who is also the founder and managing director of HS&V Hospitality Management.

Seaman has been in the hospitality industry for 25 years and has held a number of senior positions with Southern Sun and Sun International in their flagship properties. At Louis Group he has been involved in the acquisition and transformation of the Group’s award winning suite of boutique hotels, including the Devon Valley Hotel and Erinvale Estate Hotel and Spa (winner of the Best Luxury Hotel in South Africa). He thus has a thorough understanding of both corporate hotel groups and the unique needs of independent boutique hotels.

We see HS&V as a business solution for independent hotels who do not want to give up their unique identities in order to join a bigger group, but who also have a strong need for the management services that these affiliations would typically provide,” said Seaman.

We believe that long-term profitability is the result of a balance between a unique product, memorable guest experiences, and strong financial and human resources management,” said Seaman.

HS&V Hospitality Management is designed to help independent hotels achieve this balance and reap the rewards in terms of revenue.”


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