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ELECTRICAL: Voltex Joins 49M Savings Project


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VOLTEX recently signed up as the 48th member of the 49M movement committed to adopting an energy saving culture in South Africa. As the key partner and supporter of 49M, Voltex says it is urging South Africans to get into the culture of saving energy.

Since its launch in March last year, more South Africans have been mobilised to save power, money and help save the planet. The movement, endorsed by Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe, Minister of Public Enterprise Malusi Gigaba, various government departments and private companies, have taken into cognisance the country’s constrained power system and the need to support the global energy saving efforts by reducing the country’s carbon footprint,” says Voltex managing director Stanley Green.

With limited power generation reserves, commerce and industry need to encourage, support and adopt smarter ways of using energy in order to cut consumption and reduce carbon footprints. Voltex therefore strives to develop and implement technologies that achieve sustainable energy savings through low energy lighting, appliances, heating and cooling systems,” he says.

In line with its partnership with the 49M campaign, Voltex is encouraging all employees, customers and suppliers to save energy in a number of ways, including insulation of ceilings in homes, which can result in houses being up to 5°C warmer during winter.

Green says that energy saving does not require huge effort. It can be as simple as replacing faulty or old appliances and checking the wattage of appliances before they are bought.

Consumers can make a difference by unplugging appliances when they are not being used, installing sensors that turn off lights when you’re not in the room, using hot water sparingly and turning the geyser down to 60°.”

Energy reduction can also be achieved through installing heat pumps which cut geyser heating costs by up to two-thirds, saving money. Other energy saving technologies such as induction geysers utilize electrical energy to create a magnetic field within the geyser to maximize the heating process and delivers the exact amount of hot water as a conventional geyser in a third of the time saving one up to 60% in power consumption. Simple efforts of boiling only the amount of water needed for the cup of tea that is being made, make a huge difference. “Avoid wasting electricity when ironing by using a thermostatically-controlled iron. It is more energy efficient to iron a large batch of clothing at one time instead of ironing one or two items frequently,” Green says.


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