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INFOTECH: Price On Peace Of Mind


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COMPANIES often forget what the value of peace of mind is; and how important payroll and HR software is, says Sandra Swanepoel, a director at Softline VIP, part of the Sage Group.

Take for example a company with over 1 000 employees and which decided to replace its payroll and HR system with a new product that would give them growth opportunities; gear their business for the next five to ten years and an integrated system that would provide a seamless financial solution.”

Two years later they are still battling to get payslips with accurate data to their employees, says Swanepoel.

A basic requirement that has cost them dearly, both in financial terms and employees being utterly frustrated by their employer not being able to deliver something that most take for granted.”

What does peace of mind really mean and what should companies be looking for when they are considering HR and Payroll software vendors? Swanepoel advises the following;

Make sure you understand the value proposition the company is offering. If price is the deciding factor, you will most likely not get the service you require. Make a decision based on a long-term perspective.

Do site visits and speak to payroll, HR and finance to get an understanding of what worked and what did not.

Can the vendor maintain software from both a legislative and technology perspective?

Do they have the infrastructure to support you should you expand across Southern Africa or even into Africa?

Can they add value to your business in terms of supplying you with payroll experts should you have a crisis in your payroll/HR office?

At Softline VIP we have grown our payroll and software business over the past 26 years to be world class.”

Our employees are absolute payroll and HR specialists. The training we provide them kicks off with four months of product training followed by practical sessions in a controlled environment, allowing us to compete with any international player,” Swanepoel says

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