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WATER MANAGEMENT: Wilo Pumps For Luxury Hotel


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CAPE TOWN-based Pump Control Systems has completed a total upgrade of the drinking water, emergency fire protection and chlorination dosing systems for the luxury Seychelles Kempinski Hotel, using computer-controlled banks of Wilo booster pumps.

The new pumping system, incorporating Variflo PLC control, was designed, installed and commissioned by Pump Control Systems at the hotel on the Seychelles’ holiday island of Mahé.

The Wilo pumps feed the two supply systems off a single reservoir, using two separate pump sets, each set equipped with three Wilo pumps.

Boosting the domestic drinking water system are three Wilo MV3605 9kW pumps, while the fire-fighting system is using three powerful MV10004 7kW units.

Two drinking water duty-pumps are working at any given time, each delivering at least 35 cubic metre/h and maintaining a lower-end pressure of 550kpa, while the third pump is on full-standby. The two larger fire pumps can between them deliver a total of 240 cubic metres/h, while maintaining a pressure of 720kpa.

The domestic pumps run in auto-mode. Should the flow reach 70 cubic metres an hour, the fire pumps get a signal from the flow meter to take over from the domestic pumps, automatically raising the pressure to 720kpa.

Should a fire break out and the fire-pumps reach their peak, the domestic pumps cut in to help maintain pressure,” says Pump Control Systems MD Paul Williams. As a protection against frequent local power failures, PCS engineers installed an automatic start-up which comes into operation immediately the standby generators kick in.

Two reservoirs – one for fire-fighting and the other for domestic water use – are linked. Water initially flows into the fire-fighting reservoir which when filled overflows into the domestic reservoir. An ultra-sonic level-sensor monitors the level on the main reservoir and sounds an alarm if water levels reach below a certain point.

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