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ENGINEERING: The Expanding Hydac Brand


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HYDAC is currently building up a distribution network countrywide through distributors, service partners and authorizes dealers. These are being identified and set up in each region, the latest being in the Western and Eastern Cape, Kwazulu-Natal, Mpumulanga and in the major mining regions.

Hydac Technology opened its doors in Johannesburg three years ago to build on the Hydac brand and make available its new hydraulic product range. These had not been obtainable locally before.

The market was already familiar with the Hydac range of quality hydraulic filtration systems, accumulators and coolers. By introducing this new range, Hydac Technology, part of the Hydac International group of companies, is able to grow into it’s targeted market areas: industrial hydraulics, mobile hydraulics and process control.

The company now covers all areas of fluid technology. It’s expanded product range consists of components, sub-systems, controlled and regulated drive units for mobile and industrial machines and systems, hydraulic filters, accumulators, valves, clamps, electronics and compact hydraulic systems.

Besides specifically promoting hydraulic valves and pumps, Hydac Technology also plans to make use of Hydac International’s and local expertise, to design, manufacture, install and commission hydraulic systems for industrial (stationary) and mobile applications.

Hydac manufacturing companies are all wholly owned subsidiaries of Hydac International. Hydrosaar offers a range of cylinders, special manifolds and rotary transfer joints; Nordhydraulic produces directional control valves for mobile applications. Other Hydac companies are Red Fox; Quality Hydraulic Power (QHP) RT-FilterTechnik and Schroeder

Through Hydac Fluid Engineering, the company also offers customers a comprehensive package of technical services for media such as hydraulic oils, lubrication oils, cooling/cutting fluids and water.

Walter Heijboer, Hydac Technology managing director, says there is still a general lack of knowledge in this country about Hydac’s extended product range. One of the challenges is to educate the local market about the new range available and promote Hydac’s ability to deliver a complete hydraulic solution.

Having already grown our market share, Hydac is positive about the year to come. Hydac quality is already recognised in the local market through its well known range of filters, and the company is now building on this reputation to introduce a wide range of hydraulic valves for industrial and mobile applications.”

To complement the offering for complete hydraulic solutions, Hydac offers a comprehensive range of heat exchanges, pressure and temperature transmitters and switches,” Heijboer says.

Hydac Technology’s high quality standards, its access to a worldwide network of expertise and its insistence on customer satisfaction position becoming a leader in fluid technology in Southern Africa. “Hydac International is becoming a major role player in fluid management, hydraulics and drive and control, worldwide and locally and Hydac Technology aims to become part of this global initiative,” says Heijboer.

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