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FOOD & BEVERAGES: Two Oceans Sales Making Headway


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Two Oceans, sold in almost 100 countries worldwide, is not only firmly growing sales off an already well-established base in its three biggest markets, but it now also counts Finland as one of its top destinations.

Finnish sales volumes are almost at the level of those in Sweden, one of the brand’s three biggest markets, the other two being Canada and South Africa. Two Oceans has long been one of Sweden’s top selling brands while it is the biggest South African brand in Canada.

At the same time, it is making good headway in a number of other developed and emergent markets where its excellent value offerings find favour with consumers and are backed by critical affirmation on leading international competitions. Last year, for example, the brand earned four silver medals at the International Wine & Spirit Competition, where it was competing against contenders that in some cases retail for three times as much, if not more, according to global marketing spokesperson Jackie Olivier.

She said Two Oceans has been steadily increasing its presence in many markets. “A year ago, we were trading in 80 countries. With the universal demand for genuine value, that number has now grown to nearly 100.”

She confirmed that the brand was selling extremely well in markets as divergent as New Zealand, where it was carried by the Woolworths chain, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and China. In China, the brand is listed by retailers Carrefour and Tesco, by Metro, as well as hotel chains Starwood and Sofitel.

The growing appetite amongst Chinese consumers for mid-priced wine is an encouraging trend.

In the US, we are not only listed by the Four Seasons hospitality chain, but increasingly by prominent retailers. These include Krogers, the country’s largest traditional grocery chain, as well as Food Lion, a major chain in the south-east and mid-Atlantic region of the country.”

In The Netherlands, Two Oceans is also being carried Jumbo, one of the country’s fastest-growing supermarket chains, while in Africa, Nigeria has become one of the biggest destinations for the brand.  Now the second largest economy in Africa, it has a projected annual GDP growth of 11,8% till 2016.

By trading across all parts of the world, we are best placed to capitalise on opportunities where they occur and to start building awareness in areas where wine consumption is expected to grow.”


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