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WAREHOUSING: EM Shelving's Eight Storey High Installation


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MANY milestones have been achieved by the Cape Town-based EM Shelving Storage Solutions team over the last 24 years. The recent completed installation in Windhoek Namibia, is the most important by far.

Over the last four years, Vaughn Jensen, the managing member of EM Shelving Storage Solutions, worked with engineers and the client to find an optimal solution to store documents. As this type of business is extremely competitive, Jensen’s experience in dealing with similar projects for different clients was valuable.

As in most cases there is a challenge between the client who wants to have an efficient warehouse at a cheap price, the builder who wants the design to be cost effective and the storage company who needs to utilize the space more effectively. It’s not about square meterage, it’s more about volume.

The team came up with a 24 meter high structure with 18 packing levels on 8 separate catwalk levels. A standard racking system was chosen as a base product and the factory engineer, together with Jensen, designed an upright with double compound heavy-duty to single column standard duty at the top, giving the client strength and cost saving at the same time.

A further cost saving was achieved by using different beam strengths where weight is lighter or heavier depending on load distribution.

Today’s racking components allow to erect safety railings and catwalks for operating staff to climb up the height of 24 meters without being restricted by a harness and other safety devices.

A further challenge presented to EM Shelving Storage Solutions was the building, which was designed without roller shutter doors, which did not allow lifting equipment to get into the warehouse. All the material had to be carried in by hand and also installed by hand, level after level.

The structure was built in four sections, in blocks of 6m high, always making sure that every person working on the job was equipped with all the necessary safety equipment.

It took the team just under two months to install the racking structure with wooden decking, to allow the storage of 94 000 boxes.

Being 24 meters high the racking structure top out a building of eight storeys.

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