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DEVELOPMENT: Atlantis Toted As Green Tech Hub


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The City of Cape Town has advertised in local and national newspapers inviting green technology manufacturers, contractors and service providers that qualify, to apply for industrial land in Atlantis to establish manufacturing plants.

The Green Hub process underway is part of the City’s ‘Atlantis Revitalisation Framework’ – a joint initiative of the City, the Province and National Government to encourage economic and social development in this suburb. Atlantis has been identified as a focus area in the Cape Town Spatial Development Framework, and establishing a Green Manufacturing Hub forms part of this strategic intent as reflected in the City’s recently approved Integrated Development Plan(IDP).

This initiative relates to the recent award by the National Department of Energy of a number of ‘Purchase Power Agreements’ to investors to generate and supply ‘green’ electricity to the country’s national electricity grid.

It is expected that as a result of these awards, a number of manufacturers (including contractors, subcontractors and service providers) of wind and solar energy generating equipment which are linked to these Purchase Power Agreements, will need to secure land to establish manufacturing plants.

In recognising the potential and opportunities resulting from the possible large scale purchase of renewable energy, and considering the socio-economic benefits that the people of Cape Town can derive from such opportunities, the City of Cape Town has pro-actively identified portions of land in Atlantis for the manufacture of such products and services related to the green economy,” said Alderman Ian Neilson, Executive Deputy Mayor for the City of Cape Town.

In December 2011 the Council approved a land release procedure for this initiative whereby land will be allocated, within a short timeframe and at very competitive land prices, to interested parties qualifying in terms of green technology criteria. Two vacant portions of land, approximately 29ha and 38ha respectively, within the existing Atlantis industrial area have been allocated for this purpose.

The City and the Provincial Government have already facilitated the initiation of environmental approvals to further expedite the ability of applicants to contract with the City and reduce the amount of time before manufacturing can begin.

Discussions will be entered into with interested and qualifying parties in the green technology sector in order to identify specific requirements from the industry where the City and the Provincial Government could assist in facilitating their location in Atlantis.

The job opportunities and other advantages associated with the establishment of these green industries in Atlantis could be significant and the City encourages and supports this private sector led economic development initiative in Atlantis,” Neilson added.

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