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POWER SUPPLY: Guaranteed Saving On Fuel Bills


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COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY, now celebrating its 25th year in the burner and boiler market is presenting industry with a savings opportunity of 8% to 12% on fuel bills. This is achieved by oxygen levels of less than 3% throughout the complete burner firing range when using natural gas and sub 10ppm CO.

This is guaranteed, says managing director and founder of the company, Grant Renecle.

Fuel and energy savings are at the top of the list of input costs of any organisation. In addition, carbon tax is a fact and has been touted at R340 per ton. This will add huge costs to the running and operation of any business unless they get these emitters under control,” Renecle says.

This is achieved by using two of the most efficient products in the specialised industrial combustion world, namely Limpsfield burners and Autoflame Combustion Management Systems.

The Limpsfield’s higher efficiency is achieved by having less excess air in the combustion mix (guaranteed less than 3% oxygen), but not all burners can provide accurate and stable combustion when decreasing the air supply to the burner.

Currently plant is running higher oxygen levels, leading to a higher usage of fuel required to achieve the demand for steam or thermal load requirement. In laymen’s terms, excess air in the mixture ‘cools’ the flame and therefore more fuel is required to obtain the same objective. Limpsfield burners are only supplied with Autoflame controls.

Autoflame Combustion Management Systems consists of an independent air / fuel control, PID load control, a UV scanning technology as safety measure and variable speed drives function to ensure better control and also reduce electricity costs. Also included are continuous exhaust gas analysis with 3-parameter trim (the only system to offer this), an all automated boiler water level control complete with top- and bottom blowdown and remote access to boiler / burner data via Autoflame data transfer interface.

Renecle says it is the accuracy of the Autoflame control, up to 0.1 of an angular degree, and the 100% repeat-ability that ensures accurate fuel and air ratios compared to conventional systems such as linkages.

Combustion Technology has to date sold over 100 Autoflame Combustion Management Systems and several specialised Limpsfield industrial burners. The sites are as diverse as textile, waste, food and beverage and hospitals.

Combustion Technology is also the sole importer of Riello burners and Garioni Naval hot water and steam boilers.

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