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MARINE: DCD Marine Commits To Environmentally Friendly Policies


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An emphasis on quality, safety and environmental awareness form the backbone of the business philosophy of DCD Marine (previously known as DCD-DORBYL MARINE). DCD Marine believes that investment in the wellbeing of its employees, and a targeted and systematic programme focused on sustainability are critical to the company’s quality service delivery to customers.

Our SHEQ (safety, health, environment and quality) principles are well established, and we are currently enhancing the environmental component to ensure even better compliance to the international standards subscribed to by our portfolio of global customers,” says DCD Marine’s SHEQ Manager Marcelle van Biljon.

We are currently working towards accreditation of our ISO14001 system. We have devised an action plan and extensive training of our employees is underway. We anticipate that the process will be finalised by mid-2012 and it will cement our commitment to working in an environmentally- ‘friendly’ manner,” adds Chuma Mkonjwa, DCD Marine’s Environmental Co-ordinator.

Mkonjwa explains that DCD Marine’s environmental/ ‘green’ policy differs from the generic policy proposed by the DCD Group in some senses, due to the specific environment in which it operates. “Because of the nature of our business we have particular marine-specific pollution concerns, as well as the general environmental concerns faced by the rest of the Group. However, the experience we have gained in the formulation and refinement of our own system is proving extremely valuable to the DCD Group’s efforts in an overall strategy formulation.”

In addition to our own social conscience which drives continual improvement, our approach to green business practice, both our customers and the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) require us to be compliant,” says Mkonjwa.

The majority of our customers are global players who are proponents of the international rules and regulations surrounding care for the marine environment. Our compliance with internationally accepted standards offers our customers the assurance that we are prepared to seriously consider issues other than just the bottom line” says Mkonjwa.

Referring to the TNPA, Mkonjwa says that the recently upgraded A-Berth facility which DCD Marine leases from them is subject to the stringent safety and environmental regulations the TNPA imposes on all companies operating within its domain. “This has extremely positive benefits for

DCD Marine, as we are then provided with best practice guidelines around which we can centre our compliance efforts.” Mkonjwa says that further input from marine environmental consultants has equipped the company with a high-level model for its green policy.

The incentive to improve its environmental rating was its awareness that sustainability of companies relies on three critical elements – good employees, happy customers and a healthy and flourishing working environment. “Apart from the fact that the DCD Group as a whole is conscious of the impact we have on the environment, DCD Marine takes its commitment to its customers very seriously. Regular external audits are conducted to ensure all environmental aspects are rated and mitigated.” Mkonjwa says.

DCD Marine’s commitment to the environment has been tested on recent projects, including the remodelling and upgrading work performed on Odfjell Drilling’s Deepsea Stavanger vessel in 2011 and more recently on Transocean’s Deepwater Millennium vessel. “The Port of Ngqura near Port Elizabeth was chosen due to its accessibility and 18 metre depth. The landlords – Coega Development Corporation (CDC) – have extremely strict guidelines in place with regard to environmental compliance, so our employees were provided with training which enabled them to comply with these regulations with ease,” says Mkonjwa.

Another interesting project was the use of EnviroWrap on two vessels for Saipem in the Port of Cape Town. “Our team was tasked with blasting and coating of these hulls. Due to inclement winds in Cape Town, our efforts to prevent overspray was challenged, but because of this new technology, no incidents were reported. Use of the EnviroWrap proved most successful and also improved productivity.” says Mkonjwa. “By enclosing the entire area in EnviroWrap, we were able to contain the paint particles and drastically minimise the effect on the environment.”

The green policy is underpinned by transparency and honesty. “We ensure that our operations are conducted in a responsible and focussed manner in future. By providing comprehensive training to our employees on matters such as preventing and controlling spillages, we will be able to behave proactively rather than reactively and incur minimal damage to the environment,” Van Biljon concludes.

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