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FOOD & BEVERAGES: Forklifts Suited For The Food Sector


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CRITERION Equipment distributes and supports a wide range of TCM forklift trucks designed to carefully handle food and beverage loads, not only during production, but also in warehousing and transport.

TCM is known for efficient operation, optimum safety, low maintenance requirements and enhanced operator comfort. An important feature of Criterion’s electric range and gas machines is reduced emissions – a critical requirement in food and beverage applications.

Double pallet handlers, with a 2.5 ton and 3 ton capacity, are suitable to efficiently handle sizeable loads of cans and bottles,” says Brenton Kemp, managing director of Criterion Equipment, part of the Capital Equipment Group (CEG) of Invicta Holdings Limited. “The latest TCM engine powered forklifts, with new features for efficient operation in demanding conditions and for enhanced operator comfort, are further improving handling efficiencies at food and beverage plants.”

The newly designed iNoma range has been upgraded and re-designed for easier access, greater operator comfort, improved maneuverability, enhanced safety and extended service life.”

These new forklift trucks ensure substantially reduced vibration with the use of dual floating systems for both the engine and the hood. The four point rubber cushion absorbers between the seat and engine and its transmission, minimise the transfer of vibration to the operator. The same four point suspension in the hood also reduces vehicle vibrations.

By lowering the dashboard by 70 mm and the bar by 190 mm, visibility for the operator has improved by 50%. The re-shaped counterweight increases safety during backward movement.

Other safety features include an anti-roll mechanism during turning, a neutral safety mechanism where the engine cannot be started unless the change lever is in the neutral position and high mounted rear combination lights that are easily visible.

The new fork landing mechanism includes a fork lowering speed that decelerates at a height of approximately 150 mm above the ground. This enables accurate placement of the forks onto the pallet. The front and rear stability has also been improved for stable and more consistent cargo handling. The TCM steering axels have also been strengthened for enhanced durability in demanding applications. Mast supports, tilt cylinders and tie bars have been re-designed to construct a sturdier mast. Oil filled lift cylinders have also increased durability of this series.

Criterion Equipment’s range of TCM forklifts for efficient food and beverage handling also includes electric three wheel forklift trucks, with features for reliable performance, enhanced safety and minimal maintenance requirements.

The TCM FTB-VII series is available in three units, each with a 500 mm load centre.

The smallest unit has a maximum capacity of 1 600 kg and the largest unit’s maximum capacity is 2 000 kg.

There are three work modes – economy, power and super mode – as well as various travel speeds which can be pre-set, depending on the specific job requirement. In super mode, these forklift trucks can travel at a maximum speed of 16.5 km/h without a load and 15 km with a load. The maximum lifting speed without a load is 610 mm/s and with a load the lifting speed is 410 mm/s.

The battery power of this machine enables reliable operation for up to eight hours. The AC motor has important advantages which include a compact construction, high performance rating and simple maintenance. In addition to releasing the accelerator pedal and shifting the travel lever from forward to reverse, regenerative braking can be applied with the foot pedal when descending a slope or when stopping the machine.

This powerful AC motor also enables easy starting on an uphill if necessary.

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