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ENGINEERING: BMG Acquires Metal Work Dealership


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BMG has recently been appointed the sole authorised dealer for Metal Work, one of the leaders in the manufacture of pneumatic components that meet stringent quality and environmental specifications.

This brand of pneumatic components and specially designed accessories extends BMG’s product offering and service to a broader customer base.

Compressed air is a clean source of energy, but producing it is an energy intensive process. BMG Hydraulics has launched Metal Work’s information campaign locally to help customers reduce energy wastage and enhance cost efficiency,” says Mark Johnson, national sales manager for the company.

We are educating the local market on how to choose the correct size cylinder, use economizers, eliminate air leaks and design and operate the air distribution system correctly.”

At the end of the working life of each Metal Work component – whether it is plastic, metal, or an elastomer, there is a recommended plan for re-cycling and disposal. This programme also includes the safe disposal of the packaging of each component.”

The Metal Work portfolio of pneumatic components encompasses cylinders, grippers, rotary actuators, slides, sensors and vales. Specially designed accessories include couplings, flow regulators and auxiliary valves. All cylinders are locally assembled and tested in accordance with the company’s ISO procedures.

A key product in the range is the Pneumo Power – the world’s first compressed air powered electrical generator. This unit, which eliminates the need for electrical cables, rotating collectors, connectors and batteries, provides a continuous source of clean compressed air everywhere in industry.

This electrical generator’s electric power is easily transportable and is safe to use in all applications, even in potentially explosive environments.

This unit is used to efficiently power control units, wireless receiver-transmitter nodes, all sensors and actuators in the area and can also operate emergency lights and in general when a 24 V DC power supply is required.

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