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DEVELOPMENT: Framework To Redevelop Atlantis


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The City of Cape Town’s Economic Development Department, in collaboration with the Provincial Department of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism and the National Department of Economic Development, has developed the Atlantis Revitalisation Framework – a document which will guide the redevelopment of this important industrial area.

This framework will shortly be presented to the public during a consultation and engagement session, where it will be discussed in depth. Invitations to the event will be advertised via local newspapers and radio stations closer to the time.

The Atlantis Revitalisation Framework articulates a constructive and meaningful working relationship between key stakeholders, i.e. government, business and civil society, where responsibility is agreed upon and shared to enable the successful implementation of strategies and actions. It is the first step towards encouraging economic, social and spatial development for the revitalisation of Atlantis.

This follows the growing consensus that the revitalisation of Atlantis requires a partnership, drawing on government, business, industry, labour, and civil society. This will allow for decisive and integrated interventions that address the area’s socio-economic decline, while facilitating economic recovery and growth.

The Atlantis Revitalisation Framework differs from previous development guidelines, in that it establishes working relationships between government, the private sector, members of the public and NGOs as a basis for finding development solutions.

It will be driven by public and private sector input, which will serve as the primary source of information in finding development solutions. For example, as part of the information-gathering process, a research team will be engaging with large- and medium-sized firms to better understand their perceptions, plans and needs.

Atlantis has already been identified as a Green Hub where, for example, equipment required for renewable energy generation can be manufactured. The City, in partnership with Wesgro and Green Cape, is in the process of identifying parcels of industrial land that would be suitable for these purposes.

Atlantis has the potential to be a significant industrial node in the region’s spatial economy. If it continues to decline, it will reduce the long-term economic development impact of important catalytic developments such as the Saldanha industrial development zone. It is important not only for the West Coast, but also for the broader Cape Town region, that efforts to turn around the fortunes of Atlantis succeed,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Economic, Environmental and Spatial Planning, Alderman Belinda Walker.

Atlantis, which is located 40km north of central Cape Town, was established as town and industrial centre in the 1970s. The area has experienced loss of business and jobs over the years. This was exacerbated by the global economic down-turn. Already high unemployment levels are rising even further, leading to social problems.


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