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ENGINEERING: New Venture To Test Pairing Performance


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CAPE Armature Winders and Fluid Solutions have come together to provide the ‘complete solution’ for customers. They have built a testing facility which will enable customers to know precisely the performance of their pumps and motor sets.

The most common pairing of machinery on any plant is the pump and motor set. The electric motor provides the driver and the energy source for whatever is being moved around the plant and the pump provides the mechanical conversion from rotational energy to flow. A quick glance at any process will reveal water pumping, oil pumping, chemical pumping, food pumping, beverage pumping and of course the environmentally sensitive waste and effluent pumping,” says George Epenetos of Cape Armature Winders.

Many pump and motor sets are integrated by design. This particularly applies to submersible pumps commonly utilized in the sewage industry.

So whom do you call when you require maintenance, a motor specialist or a pump specialist? In many cases expensive equipment is poorly treated through there being inadequate expertise in the maintenance process,” Epenetos says.

He states that Cape Armature Winders and Fluid Solutions have combined in a successful team to solve this problem. “We will provide a reliable, OEM quality service for maintenance and repair with a centralized responsibility, accountability and guarantee. You can entrust us with your expensive asset in the knowledge that specialists will take care of every element of the repair process. In addition, we offer a level 2 grading BBBEE and ISO9001/2008 Quality assurance.”

A critical element in pumping is efficiency. Efficiency will determine whether a pump and motor set are still fit for service and also determine energy consumption. “In many cases a pump is returned from a service or repair and if it turns, it’s fixed. In the modern world of energy sensitivity the uncertainty around pump performance can become costly. We have built a test facility that will determine to ISO9906 the performance of any pump and motor set providing head and flow curves and ‘wire to water’ power consumption and efficiency. Pumps of 200kW and below will be tested,” he says.

A test certificate on pump performance will be available with any repair. This means that a customer can be sure of its performance and efficiency. Lifecycle costing exercises demonstrate that a pumps’ true cost to the customer is generally spent five times over in power consumption than in capital cost. We are able to keep the customer informed of whether his energy bill is being well spent and whether it will be economical to further renew or possibly replace his equipment.

Cape Armature Winders and Fluid Solutions have combined experience in the successful repair of numerous different makes of submersible pump sets including 200kW City of Cape Town submersible sewage pumps and large Pleuger platform pumps for the offshore industry.

Fluid Solutions are agents for Sigmund Pulsometer Pumps (SPP) and Hidrostal high efficiency screw centrifugal pumps. Cape Armature Winders is a channel partner with ABB and is an active member of EASA.

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