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DEVELOPMENT: Montague Park Shows Promise


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Once a derelict fertiliser plant, Improvon has revived the land on which Montague Park near Cape Town is built, transforming it into a mixed use site with multiple benefits for users.

Stefano Contardo, Developments Executive at Improvon, explains that Montague Park’s land rights mean that, while a portion of the 62ha site is taken up by retail, the remainder is used for hi-tech industrial developments.

At present, the retail component is inhabited by Makro, a mega store which changes Cape Town’s shopping landscape by offering unparalleled – and unprecedented – variety and choice for shoppers. “It provides a much needed utility for people in the area, who previously had to make do with far less superior shopping options,” Contardo says.

The development’s second element is an industrial park, which encapsulates hi-tech industrial facilities. Contardo takes pride in the fact that these are clean and modern, setting a new standard for industry and manufacturers.

Together, these facilities have done much to improve the living conditions of people within the immediate facility. Most importantly, the site – which was previously polluted by nitrates from its days as a fertiliser plant, and had been neglected for several years – has been entirely rehabilitated to become environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and functional. This has been achieved by thoroughly cleansing the soil, draining groundwater, and rerouting the river onsite in order to replant indigenous flora and attract more birdlife. This is a marked improvement on the empty site which used to attract vagrants, and was therefore a potential crime hotspot.

Added to this, the addition of the retail and light industrial elements have created jobs, and therefore bring the promise of socio-economic upliftment. A further positive spin-off is that the location of the warehouses and industrial park ensures that people are able to find work close to their homes. They can do their shopping closer to home, too. Moreover, as a mixed use site, Improvon has created a space where entities are able to feed off each other. “It’s only a matter of time before other retailers are attracted to the site, and shoppers will be able to meet a number of needs at once,” Contardo says.

Another important benefit for users of Montague Park is the careful design of all facilities, to ensure optimal accessibility. For example, instead of the small yards typical of older buildings, Montague Park boasts yards with sufficient space to turn trucks around, thereby bypassing the common problem of circulation. Furthermore, the majority of industrial buildings in Cape Town are built at grade and have limited clear space to the underside of truss within. Montague Park’s facilities are built at dock height to facilitate offloading of trucks and boast a minimum of 8m to the underside of the eaves, making it possible for users to offload stock directly, and to store it in towering racks. This results in cost savings, as tenants take advantage of volume and not only floor space. In addition, the facilities have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing, with a greater focus landscaping modern clean lines and low maintenance finishes. Double lane boulevards make for easy traffic flow within the Park, whilst the external roads around Montague Park have been upgraded to allow for improved access.


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