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CONSTRUCTION: Imer Dumper Makes Its Debut


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THROUGH its ongoing interaction with its customers SA French determined a gap in its product range and consequently added the M.Z. Imer range of concrete dumpers to its stable.

SA French director Warwick van Breda says that prior to the conclusion of the sole agency agreement, he visited M.Z. Imer’s facilities in Zaragoza, Spain to assess the suitability of the product ranges, the availability of stock, access to suitably qualified, English-speaking technical staff and a willingness to cater to the needs of SA French’s customers in South Africa.

“These are the minimum requirements we set down before we accept any agency and its products into our stable. We have developed a solid reputation for providing our customers with tailor-made solutions and after sales service to match the quality of the products supplied and we will not compromise on this.”

Through its association with Saltec, as the local distributor of its range of Torgar rack and pinion materials and passenger hoists, SA French was made aware of M.Z. Imer by virtue of its commercial relationship with Saltec. “Add to that, although the company is based in Spain, their technical expertise is unquestionable and they have a team of specialists fluent in English. The products are competitively priced and we have established that the lead times are very favourable when ordering stock,” van Breda adds.

“We require a superior export infrastructure from our suppliers and a very high level of technical support, coupled with excellent delivery times,” van Breda says.

Four of the front unloading dumpers SA French will be bringing into the country include the MZ-1202-HDA-H hydrostatic 1 200 kg model with an overall length of 1.5 metres and a width of 1.1 metres. “This is the smallest model we will be importing and is ideal for use on even the most restricted work site,” van Breda says.

The 1.57 metre wide MZ-1500-HDA has a larger working load at 1 500 kg, but retains the compact size desired on congested construction sites. Easy to manoeuvre and with an inner turning radius of only 1.85 metres, it’s a good choice for middle-of-the range users. Hand-in-glove with this is the MZ-1600-HDA which boasts a working load of 1 600 kg and has four-wheel-drive for easy operation in poor underfoot conditions.

The workhorse of the range is the MZ-2000-HDA 2 000 kg working load dumper which, like the other four-wheel-drive version, comes standard with a protective roof. “Bigger than the other models at 1.62 metre wide by 3.15 metre by 2.68 metre high, this dumper has a connection for a hydraulic hammer and backhoe attachment,” van Breda says.

“We are confident that this new product range will greatly enhance our current product offering and provide our customers with added value and productivity,” van Breda concludes.

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