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MANUFACTURING: Chevron's Reasons To Get High


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1966 saw the official commissioning of the R18 million Chevron Refinery in Milnerton, Cape Town. 45 years later, and the Refinery employs more than 1100 full time employees and contractors , has the refining capacity of 100 000 barrels and is arguably one of the biggest contributors to the economy of the Western Cape.”

It’s also one of the safest places to be,” says Steve Parker, General Manager of the Chevron Refinery in Cape Town. “In fact, statistically speaking it’s safer to be at the Refinery than it is to be at home and, that is because it is Chevron’s number one business priority. From a safety perspective, Chevron’s Refinery in Milnerton is setting the benchmark globally.”

Parker moves on to say that as a relatively young Refinery, Refinery staff and the Milnerton community can celebrate this anniversary by taking pride in the fact that safety and reliability is at an all time high. 

We are operating equally to the other Chevron refineries globally, using world-class operation management systems and are well on track to meeting our profitability targets,” adds Parker.

The quality of the crude oil we refine is where it gets really interesting. Being based in Milnerton places us in a fortunate position: we are situated close to Saldanah’s harbour, an excellent shipping location, and have access to West Africa, the Middle and  South East Asia and all the other crude oils regionally and globally. This provides us with the unique capability to select from a run of various oils to refine the optimum mix and highest value product. It’s a technological advantage that globally no other refinery is able to claim,” he says.

As one of seven Chevron-operated Refineries around the world belonging to an organisation that consistently appears in the top five Fortune 500 Company list, makes this achievement even more noteworthy.

Future gazing, Parker says that he aims to take the Refinery from one that meets the benchmark globally to one that sets it. “We are meeting all benchmarks globally and are considered a world-class facility. Our long term plans are to improve on this while supporting the quest for the production and refining of cleaner fuels. To that end, Chevron is committed to investing and upgrading wherever necessary to produce a cleaner, more sulphur free, end product,” says Parker.

Parker explains that the health and safety of its staff and community are paramount to the sustained optimal performance of the Milnerton operation. “At the end of the day, we are a Refinery which means we will always have to contend with the very real issue of health at personal, community and environmental levels. This is a vital factor to our success. We vigilantly monitor air quality for example, such as the three independent reports we commissioned recently of the air quality at ambient level in Table View, Bothasig and Killarney areas, which incidentally show that we are well within World Health Organisation standards,” says Parker.

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