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ENVIRONMENT: Where GrandWest Does Not Gamble


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THE GrandWest casino does not gamble with its impact on the environment: Its water demand is managed through a programme of daily, weekly and monthly monitoring of the property’s consumption. Conventional spray irrigation to existing and additional new gardens has been replaced with drip irrigation.

The 3 000 litres of water generated daily by the ice rink are recycled for use in the complex’s gardens. Over a period of 30 days, this means in excess of 90 000 litres of water will have been saved, equal to three 30-cubic metre swimming pools.

GrandWest’s gardens are being transformed to be largely indigenous. In 2007 the ratio of indigenous: exotic stood at 50:50. By 2008 the ratio was 83:17 due to the plants which were bought throughout the year.

The existing surface-water ponds in and around the GrandWest property are artificially filtered and being converted from waterlogged retention ponds into a natural wetland system. This has improved the wetland bird habitat and some 20 species of water birds have started nesting in these areas.

In May 2008 a complete mechanical clean-up of all nine Wetlands was done. The vegetation overgrowth had caused restricted water flow. During the clean-up process, some vegetation was left in the ponds to facilitate bird nesting in these areas.

GrandWest’s Iskhus initiative has seen a harmonic suppression system installed and connected to Grand West’s electrical reticulation network.

This targets inefficiency problems associated with poor power quality. Through enhancing and or correcting the power quality, the losses in usable electrical power relative to the loads are reduced.

GrandWest’s waste is recycled at source, with wet and dry waste recycling introduced in May 2008.

This has resulted in a 50% recycled material available. Since August 2008, 63 010 kg of glass has been recycled.

GrandWest has adopted a 2.8 km stretch of the Elsieskraal River canal east of GrandWest. In partnership with the City of Cape Town, GrandWest created an on-going care programme which was initiated by the first river canal clean-up which took place in November 2008.

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