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ECONOMY: W Cape Business Owners Satisfied


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More than 50% of Western Cape privately held businesses are satisfied IBM 000-005 dumps with government service delivery, reveals Grant Thornton.

Neil Miller, joint managing partner at Grant Thornton Cape, yesterday released Grant Thornton’s third quarter data for the 2011 International Business Report on business owners’ perceptions. The Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) provides quarterly insight into the views and expectations of over 11,000 businesses 000-005 exam surveyed in total per year across 39 economies.

It is encouraging that over half of the province’s business owners are content with government service delivery,” said Miller. “But it is still concerning that 49% of Western Cape executives have been negatively affected by poor government service delivery.”

Over a third of 000-006 exam Western Cape businesses were specifically negatively affected in the area of utilities, i.e. water and electricity and 21% stated that billing issues were impacting normal business function.

The percentage of businesses negatively affected by government service delivery is even worse in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal where 59% and 51% respectively stated that poor government service IBM 000-006 test delivery was impacting business operations. In Gauteng, 46% of businesses were hampered by poor government service delivery.

Western Cape business owners seem to be set on staying in South Africa. When asked whether business owners are considering emigrating from South Africa, only 10% of Western Cape business owners have given serious thought to emigrating. This is in Microsoft 70-457 comparison to 22% in Gauteng, 23% in KwaZulu-Natal and 19% in the Eastern Cape.

It is particularly encouraging that the number of Western Cape respondents considering emigration has come down dramatically in the past three years, from 27% in 2009 to 10% this year,” says Miller.

However, of the 10% in the Western Cape who have considered emigrating, 69% stated they would do so because of the high crime rate.

Notwithstanding this, IBR 2011’s third quarter data reveals that the Western Cape has the lowest number (42%) of businesses whose staff or immediate 70-457 family members of staff have been affected by crime compared to other provinces.  This statistic is on a downward trend, with 2011 data 7% lower than what was recorded last year.

Miller believes the five-year downward trend for businesses affected by crime nationwide is very encouraging, with data for South Africa indicating a 35% drop since 2007, but he points out that the national  average of 49% recorded for 2011, is still too high.

Despite the country’s daily news headlines, the majority of business owners in South Africa (70%) do not feel that the political uncertainty in the country is having an impact on their business decisions. However, of the 30% who do believe that political uncertainty is having a negative impact on business decisions, 38% say that  it is causing them to delay making important business investment decisions.

At this fragile stage of the economic recovery, a growing economy such as South Africa cannot afford any indecision regarding investment in business,” says Miller.

Decision making as to how to respond to the New Companies Act still seems a confusing issue for most businesses.  During the second best fake burberry bags quarter of 2011, 46% of business owners in South Africa consider themselves well informed about the Act, which came into effect on 1 May 2011. This is an improvement compared to Q2 IBR, when this question was first raised and 40% of private business owners admitted to being well informed.

When asked if business owners believe they should be audited or reviewed under the New Act, 57% of businesses owners believed they require an audit and 8% believe they need a review. A total of 35% of SA  business owners surveyed during Q3 believe that neither form of financial reporting is required.

This is an indication of confusion and lack of knowledge in the business environment that is not conducive to the growth and sustainability of businesses,” said Miller.

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