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DEVELOPMENT: Different Scenarios For Saldanha


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Saldanha Bay has for a long while, been acknowledged as an important resource for the sustainable growth and development of the region with the development of the deep-water port and the neighbouring industrial areas.

The launch of the feasibility report has been a joint project across all three spheres of government, with Wesgro was utilized to deliver the study.

The process has been holistic, and has drawn together within both the Environmental Management Framework, and the Spatial Development Framework for the District.

The study has been managed by a robust governance structure, including all key government and parastatel/State owned entities that could be considered stakeholders. (the Governance structure is included on page 9 of the Study)

The draft report is a culmination of a yearlong pre-feasibility study, which led to the current eighteen month full feasibility study.

The feasibility was iterative and covered the following elements:-

  • An international market study

  • A technical infrastructure study

  • Specialist environmental studies

  • Financial

  • Economic and socio economic impact studies

  • Skills demand and supply study

  • Legal

  • Cadastral surveys

The study highlighted 5 key areas of

  • Offshore supply base and marine repair

  • Renewable energy

  • Titanium and zircon beneficiation

  • Wind blade manufacture

  • Hot briquetted iron

In terms of national treasury regulations, the study interrogated 3 scenarios.

Key findings of the study are

Sufficient non environmentally sensitive land is available for all of the scenarios

Under the low scenario, after 25 years, 11 975 sustainable jobs will be created, contributing an annual average of R11.2 billion to the national economy, and R4.7 billion to the regional economy.

Under the medium scenario, after 25 years, 20 090 sustainable jobs will be created, contributing an annual average of R17.9 billion to the national economy, and R7.5billion to the regional economy.

Under the high scenario, after 25 years, 29 020 sustainable jobs will be created, contributing an annual average R31.6 billion to the national economy, and R13.2 billion to the regional economy.

In each scenario, for each rand invested by Government, the private sector will invest four rand, and for each Government rand invested, will recover approximately 30 cents in taxes.

In all scenarios, between 78% and 89% of production is for export, whereas imported costs run at approximately 5%.

The draft paper will be open for comment until end November 2011, following which a decision with regards the application for designation of the IDZ will be made.

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