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ENGINEERING: Pam's Recipe For Flo-Ice


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PAM Refrigeration, based in Milnerton, focuses on the manufacture of industrial refrigeration systems and specifically on energy efficiency and simplicity of system designs. “We do not compromise on quality and the refrigeration systems we built are very innovative,” says the company’s director Evert Potgieter.

PAM received international recognition with its products and it exports Flow-Ice systems all over the world to international fishing clients. Flow-Ice is normally used in the fishing industry to fast chill fish. The ice is made from sea water and the system produce a slurry ice with microscopic ice crystals, and pumped with normal centrifugal pumps to the fish tanks for pre-cool purpose. The ice can also be used to store fresh fish, and can be pumped in bins whereafter the brine drains and snow encapsulate to fish. The cooling rates achieved with Flow-Ice is very fast and out performs any cooling method at the lowest power requirements, according to Potgieter.

Flow ice is suitable for many different applications and could be used as thermal energy storage for processing of food or any cooling application where the owner wish to shift the daily peak load by producing ice at night and use the stored energy during day time. “We also designed a very innovative containerized blast freezer, and is exported to Angola to freeze fish on shore based factories. Fishing vessels bring sardinella or horse mackerel in on RSW (refrigerated sea water) and offload to be frozen in the containerized blast freezers. The advantage is that we manufacture and test the containerized blast freezers at our factory, and then transport to the shore based factory. We do not have costly installation work on site and the systems are semi mobile and could be moved in case the requirements from the client changes. PAM delivered about 24 containers to Angola to date for freezing fish and has proven very reliable and perfectly suited for low skilled operators, due to the simplicity of operation and easy maintenance,” Potgieter says.

A standard insulated 6 meter containerized blast freezer load 5 ton fish in baskets of 10kg, and the freezing time is between 15 to 17 hours down to a core temperatures below -20C.

Pam also developed larger containerized freezers in 12 meter insulated containers, and freeze 10 ton fish in 18 to 20 hours.

PAM also manufactures industrial ammonia systems as skid mounted units to minimize installation cost on site.

RSW (refrigerated sea water) systems delivered to Pioneer Fishing and Oceana brands the past three years were installed and commissioned without compromise. The heat exchangers, namely chillers and condensers are sized to ensure best energy efficiency and as a result ensure that the compressors operate at the best operating conditions for long term service and reliability.

The RSW system capacity varies between 500kW and 600kW and the cooling time of fish is typically between two to three hours from +20C down to 0C. The total tank volume of the purse seiners varies between 300 to 600cubic metres and bring about 150 ton to 300 ton of fish in for the purpose of canning.

PAM Refrigeration recently equipped a dedicated team with all the tools to manufacture HDPE (high density polyethalene) piping. The piping is highly suitable for marine application and the total cost compared to steel piping galvanized and installed, is less than 75%. HDPE piping is highly resistant to abuse and do not require replacement as in the case with galvanized piping, Potgieter points out.

The Flow-Ice generators PAM manufactures comply to CE standards suitable to be exported to European countries.

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