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LABOUR: Strikes Will Hurt Further


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PLANS for Cosatu protests today will do further damage to the economy and are likely to have a negative effect on job creation initiatives, says the Cape Chamber of Commerce.

Cosatu’s main concern is labour brokers but this is a matter that they are already discussing at Nedlac, so there is no justification for public protests at this stage,” said Mr Michael Bagraim, President of the Chamber.

He said the Chamber supported BUSA in its opposition to the protests. “Unions should make their case with sound arguments and not resort to disruptions which the country could ill afford.

We have just come through the worst strike season for many years and the last thing the country needs is more disruptive public protests with possible injury and damage to property.”

He said the recent strikes had cost workers more in lost wages than they had gained in the settlements and it was becoming clearer by the day that the protest had more to do with Cosatu’s declining membership and political factors than a better deal for workers.

The protest will not enjoy any legal protection and workers who take part will not only be losing wages, but they will be risking disciplinary action against them and some could lose their jobs,” Mr Bagraim said.

If there was a problem with labour brokers then corrective measures could be taken. The facts, however, were that labour brokers had a better grasp of labour law than most employers and that worker’s rights were respected by brokers.

I challenge Cosatu to consult with the unemployed and ask them whether they want to ban labour brokers. I know what the answer will be. Labour brokers offer the unemployed best chance of finding a job and an opportunity to gain experience and that could lead to a permanent job for many. The unemployed need the help of labour brokers,” Mr Bagraim said.

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